Commvault + Metallic = A Good Night’s Sleep

By Isabelle Guis

Like so many of us, we love to hear from our customers. So we were thrilled when Nathaniel Hauenstein of Chart Industries recently shared his experience embracing the value, choice and simplicity that we can deliver through our Commvault software coupled with our Metallic SaaS offerings—what we are calling the power of AND. He told us, “Chart has been a vocal Commvault customer for a long time, and Metallic has intrigued us from day one. SaaS is important as we continue to drive rapid company growth and seek to back up and protect our Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce data. Commvault and Metallic together are a trusted partner, and their bulletproof solutions mean that we will have the scale, flexibility and reliability that are critical to our business.”

And he is not the only one. Q4 was a busy quarter for Commvault and Metallic—and we’re more excited than ever to be helping our customers solve for today’s challenges and position them for success in the future. For example, we have customers like Chart, who already have Commvault and have chosen Metallic for our SaaS delivery capabilities, customers new to the company and customers spanning industries from hospitality to the United States Federal Government. Commvault and Metallic have given our customers the peace of mind to intelligently manage, store and protect their data without a worry. Together, Commvault and Metallic support rapid growth for our customers’ business.

And of course, we announced today our second consecutive record quarter. We could not have accomplished this without our loyal customers and partners, and the hard work and dedication of our worldwide employees. As we celebrate our company’s 25-year anniversary, we’ve never been more bullish on our ability to help our customers. I’m incredibly excited to celebrate the first day of our next 25 years as a company.

Let’s take a look at a few more customers who embraced Commvault, Metallic and the power of AND:

Suez Spain

Commvault HyperScale X made a splash with Suez Spain last summer. Data management and protection is paramount to the company and HyperScale X scale-out data protection directly addressed Suez Spain’s needs.

“I can’t overstate the absolute criticality of data protection and management in our industry. When we assessed our options, Commvault came out on top due to scale, simplicity, flexibility, security and resiliency. We’re protecting our customers—and our company—with Commvault’s HyperScale X and are thrilled with our choice,” said Daniel Pastrana, IT Operations Director, Suez Spain.

Nevada Department of Transportation

Nevada Department of Transportation (DOT) leverages Microsoft Azure for their cloud strategy. Given Metallic’s strong partnership with Microsoft, and Commvault’s existing track record with the Nevada DOT, the organization took its next step with Metallic.

“We’ve prioritized our cloud strategy with Microsoft Azure and knowing Metallic was built on Azure … it just made sense. Having been Commvault customers in the past, we knew Metallic was the right fit for our digital transformation strategy,” said David Wooldridge, Chief IT Manager, Nevada Department of Transportation.

Jefferson County, Colorado

Another customer who turned to Metallic—this time with 3,400 mailboxes for Microsoft Office 365—to remove complexity for Jefferson County, Colorado. Government offices have compliance and regulatory challenges when it comes to backing up and protecting data, and together, Commvault and Metallic help meet their needs.

We were already a happy Commvault customer, and when Metallic came out, it was the logical solution to back up the 3,400 mailboxes in our Microsoft Office 365 environment. The one-two punch of Commvault and Metallic will help us simplify our infrastructure and ensure all our data is backed up and protected. Frankly, these solutions will help us sleep at night,” said Adam Waltzman, Infrastructure and Operations Manager, Jefferson County, CO.

Alachua County

At Alachua Country, Commvault helped simplify their environment and streamline operations.

“Commvault replaced four of our disaster recovery and backup products with one seamless unified platform,” said Jim Bledsoe, Network Analyst, Alachua County. “Previously we used a combination of several products to protect SharePoint, while our SQL administrators created their own backups. All of them worked well with one thing, but not all things.  Transitioning to Commvault saved us money and gave us the peace of mind to know our data was protected. It is truly a tier-one system providing the critical services required to backup all our storage, manage data according to priority and replicate data to multiple locations around the state. We finally have a solution that we have confidence in to manage our critical government data. When others fail, you should have used Commvault.”

In addition to these customers, we added many additional customers to the Commvault/Metallic families, including Hilton, New York City Office of Emergency Management, CAPTRUST, United States Department of Homeland Security, Applied Materials, Mindtree, State University of New York, the College at Brockport, Wisk Aero, Chico’s, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Spar AG, Clifford Chance, SFS Services and Group.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up on our customers and learn how Commvault and Metallic give them tranquility of mind! If you haven’t seen today’s earnings announcement, please check it out.