Out-performing in the industry means out-delivering for our customers: Commvault and Metallic are leading in Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Commvault is uniquely positioned to deliver on all three and it shows: the GigaOm Radar for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection has named Commvault as a leader for both Enterprise and SMB segments.

By Ranga Rajagopalan

With the ever-mounting pressures to keep data safe and recoverable from cyber threats, vendors need to deliver breadth, flexibility, and trust to protect hybrid cloud workloads. Commvault is uniquely positioned to deliver on all three and it shows: the GigaOm Radar for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection has named Commvault as a leader for both Enterprise and SMB segments. Of 14 vendors evaluated, Commvault with Metallic BaaS (backup as a service) was the only vendor to score the highest in all key criteria and evaluation metrics across both segments. So for customers of any size who are not only looking for a trusted leader – but who demand the industry’s best – they need to look no further than Commvault.

Why Hybrid Cloud, and why now?

Hybrid Cloud is not an interim or transitory state – it’s the reality for our foreseeable future.  As the GigaOm enterprise report notes “In the enterprise, moving data to the cloud using SaaS applications and re-platforming, re-factoring and rehosting on-premises applications to hybrid cloud platforms is difficult enough. Making sure the data generated stays protected is even more challenging.”1

The hybrid cloud journey, combined with exploding SaaS adoption, increasing ransomware attacks and growing compliance and regulatory demands have customers urgently looking for smart and comprehensive data services. This landscape demands vendors to rethink the status quo – which is exactly what Commvault has done in our commitment to deliver phenomenal technology that meets customer needs.

Breadth of Services, plus Flexibility with the Power of AND

When protecting hybrid cloud workloads, businesses are seeking the simplicity of seamlessly managing across cloud and on-premises environments with a single solution. As the GigaOm enterprise report notes, “Commvault is one of the few data protection companies whose solution is capable of managing and protecting a broad ecosystem of workloads across physical servers, VMs, the cloud, containers, SaaS, and more.”1 But it’s not just the comprehensive coverage that makes the difference.

Companies also need the flexibility to consume their data protection in the way that best serves their hybrid strategy – as self-managed software, appliance, or SaaS. Commvault uniquely delivers on that flexibility with its flagship HyperScale™ X offering plus award-winning Metallic™ BaaS.  In fact, the GigaOm SMB report calls Backup as a Service, “The next evolution in modern data protection,” and goes on to state that, “Metallic offers ample data protection features that are a great match for SMB needs. Ease of management, simple licensing options, expanding geographic coverage, and growing SaaS application support are very promising.”2

Whether companies need to protect data on premises, in the cloud, or between both as their strategies evolve – the combination of HyperScale X plus Metallic SaaS offers unique capabilities to optimize performance, cost, and agility in any hybrid environments – all through a single interface. At Commvault, we call this leveraging “The Power of And.” Check out this demo for a glimpse of how that works.

We do it for our customers

Over the past few years, Commvault has been leading in the industry with the launch of HyperScale X – as well as bringing to market the gold-standard in SaaS-delivered data protection, Metallic. As GigaOm wrote in their report, “The data protection market is undergoing a profound transformation.”2 We’re proud to have been a leader in the transformation of this industry – all for the benefit of our customers. The most rewarding part is to hear their feedback, for instance – “The radical simplicity and unmatched scalability of Metallic is allowing us to completely rethink how we protect our data,” from Peter Gregorowicz, Network Services Manager, of Vancouver Community College. Or the viewpoint of Tim Carben, Principal Information Systems Engineer, of Mitchell International, who notes “The flexibility, simplicity and scalability provided by Commvault’s solutions are extraordinary, and we’re thrilled with their performance in our environment.”

So while it feels great to be consistently recognized as the leader, it feels even better to give our customers peace of mind and help them to always stay one step ahead – whether by quickly recovering from ransomware, driving digital transformation, or ultimately growing their business. We look forward to continuing to pave the way in our industry as we define excellence in intelligent data services.


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2. GigaOm Radar for Hybrid Cloud DataProtection for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Enrico Signoretti, Max Mortillaro, June 7, 2021.

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