Commvault and Metallic Cloud Storage Service: The cloud just got closer!

By Ranga Rajagopalan

Today is an exciting day for us at Commvault, as we rolled out our Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS) – our next step in simplifying cloud for data management. Leveraging the best of Commvault and Microsoft, MCSS is a fully integrated cloud storage target for Commvault Backup and Recovery software and HyperScale™ X appliance. MCSS offers the ultimate simplicity, security and scale, with single pane of glass management through the Commvault Command Center™. Sound interesting? Read on …


MCSS is the “easy button” to secure data, control costs and manage cloud. MCSS is fully integrated with Commvault software. So from the backup administrator’s perspective, MCSS enables cloud to be used as a backup target just like any other disk target or tape target. There’s no need to wade through cloud concepts and cloud tools; all of that is handled by the Commvault software. Commvault writes directly to the cloud storage and reads from it for restores, with no compute running in the cloud. In short, MCSS delivers all the benefits of the cloud without requiring the backup admin to also be a cloud expert. And the beauty is it’s all managed through the Commvault Command Center as a single UI.

“IT organizations are under real pressure to leverage cloud to reduce capital spend, and improve resilience, recovery and data security. If done right, an intelligent, cloud-native data backup solution can meet all of these needs and more. A simple-to-use, integrated, automated and cost-efficient data management platform like Metallic Cloud Storage Service from Commvault can help organizations leverage the cloud without additional complexities or governance risks.”

–Archana Venkatraman, Associate Research Director, IDC Europe


MCSS adds layers upon layers of security and readiness to rapidly recover from ransomware attacks. MCSS as cloud storage is, of course, offsite storage. But more important, all the key management is handled transparently by Commvault software to help keep MCSS safe from any intentional or unintentional deletes outside of Commvault control. When you combine this with the anomaly detection, airgap protection and all the other ransomware protection features already available in Commvault software, MCSS provides an extremely secure option. My colleague, Indu Peddibhotla, dives deeper into the security aspects of MCSS and the challenges it helps to solve.


Cloud brings a lot of benefits, but let’s face it, it also brings a lot of questions to administrators – such as the following: What type of storage should they choose? How do they plan for egress charges? What additional services do they need? With MCSS, we take away all that complexity. We offer MCSS as a single predictable subscription and customers don’t have to pay any egress charges. This takes away the fear of the unknown or buyer remorse and makes cloud simple, secure and super accessible for backup.

We’ve also made the entire buying experience simple. Customers – new or existing – can purchase an MCSS subscription just like any of our other software, and it can be combined with our integrated appliance, HyperScale X. MCSS can be transacted through our partners like therest of the Commvault portfolio.

As I mentioned earlier, customers don’t have to worry about choosing the right storage profile; they don’t have to worry about egress costs or any other unknown costs. To make customer choice simpler, we’ve also provided a simple TCO calculator to compare the TCO with MCSS, on-premises or other cloud providers.

Now, I am sure you may have made this connection already, but with MCSS, it’s clear that Commvault’s storage portfolio is evolving to meet the full spectrum of customers’ data storage needs. We now offer Commvault Distributed Storage for primary storage uses, HyperScale X as our integrated secondary storage solution and MCSS as our cloud storage solution.

Since MCSS is fully integrated with Backup and Recovery, our HyperScale X customers can simply use MCSS as a cloud extension. They can use HyperScale X as a scale-out on-premises storage option for warm copies, while using MCSS for long term retention with cold copies. There are multiple advantages in this approach – the on-premises copy on HyperScale X provides for rapid recovery, MCSS provides a secure offsite storage and overall and the TCO of the solution becomes even more attractive.  

We’re also offering all Commvault HyperScale X customers MCSS free for three (3) months from now until March 31, 2021. That’s right. During this time, we’re matching any capacity customers purchase with HyperScale X with the same amount of MCSS storage capacity for free.

Commvault is hosting a special event to dive into MCSS and explain how customers can secure their cloud storage with control, speed, and ease with predictable costs and long-term savings.

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