Commvault And Nutanix: Delivering ‘A First Class’ Cloud Experience

By Commvault

It’s hard to go back to coach, as “Seinfeld” touched on in its famous flying first class episode. Many of you whom are avid travelers can relate to this. The smaller seats, cramped leg room, inferior snacks and meals, miniature in-flight entertainment system, to name just a few, are more noticeable than ever. Given the chance to fly first class again, especially at the same price as coach, we’re sure anyone would take that in a heartbeat!

In much the same way, the public cloud has changed enterprise customers’ IT expectations. Having experienced the public cloud, they expect the same levels of self-service, scalability, agility and consumption economics from their on-premises and hybrid infrastructure. But this is not possible with their existing solutions. We’re excited that Commvault and Nutanix together are leading the industry in enabling customers to re-architect their on-premises and hybrid infrastructure to secure the benefits of the public cloud, without compromising on-data management and protection.

Nutanix is a market leader in bringing the cloud to the enterprise data center. Commvault is a market leader in providing enterprises with solutions that enable end-to-end data management regardless of where the data resides. Together Commvault and Nutanix provide a high performance, highly scalable and innovative solution to protect, access and share data – one of enterprises’ crown jewels when it comes to securing competitive advantages in their markets.

In many ways, Commvault and Nutanix are brothers from different mothers in the enterprise IT space. They share a common DNA: a deep passion for innovation, maniacal focus on building rock solid solutions and an obsessive desire to delight customers with technology that delivers high impact business outcomes.

Commvault partnered closely with Nutanix team from its early days to drive joint innovation. For example, Commvault is the first data protection vendor to provide native backup functionality for Nutanix’s Acropolis Hyper Visor (AHV). Using Commvault’s Virtual Server Agent (VSA), customers can back up and recover AHV VMs without needing to install guest agents. In addition, through Commvault’s IntelliSnap feature, Nutanix customers can also protect their data with a storage snapshot and eliminate the need for scripting regardless of the customer’s virtualization platform – AHV, VMware or Microsoft HyperV. This solves myriad challenges for enterprise customers as data sets are getting larger, RPO/RTO requirements are getting shorter and the need to deliver users public cloud experiences with on-premises and hybrid infrastructure increases.

We are seeing more and more customers work with Nutanix to launch enterprise clouds at their organizations, as they seek to transform their on-premises infrastructure from a ‘coach’ experience to a ‘first class’ or even ‘private jet’ experience. With Commvault, and its ability to provide holistic data management for Nutanix enterprise clouds, these customers can realize this goal – all while making sure data still takes off, flies and lands quickly, inexpensively and safely, (so to speak).

Join us today (June 28) at Nutanix’s NEXT conference, where we will discuss in more detail how Commvault and Nutanix are working together to turn your IT experience from a cramped middle seat, stale pretzels and luke warm soda into a lie flat recliner, gourmet dinner and made-to-order sundae!

(Update from the show: Commvault has received the “Content Champion of the Year” award from Nutanix at Elevate Summit. Thanks to Nutanix for the recognition. This award is testimonial to Commvault’s unwavering commitment in providing customers innovative solutions that are easy to build and use for delivering the best business outcomes).