Commvault Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

By Commvault

At Commvault, Inclusion and Diversity are important to our company values. We pride ourselves in celebrating all members of the Commvault community, and we are proud to be honoring our female engineers on International Women in Engineering Day. This holiday raises awareness of female engineers and the work and achievements of women in engineering. To celebrate, we asked female engineers in the Commvault community to share their advice and experiences as women in engineering. We are proud to highlight their achievements, accomplishments, and contributions to making our company inclusive, diverse, and truly special.

Advice for Females Considering a Career in Engineering:

“With the growing appetite for data and Artificial Intelligence, there has not been a better time to pursue engineering careers. Female engineers can have a substantial societal and business impact making a multi-dimensional fast-moving world easier to understand – especially in a post-COVID world where we’re more distributed and connected than ever.” – Isabelle Guis, CMO, Commvault

“My advice for females who work in engineering departments is to stay curious about your job and focus on what you like about it. This helps the work shine through in worlds where we can often be overlooked.” – Parisa Bazl, Director, Development UX, Commvault

“The world should be a great place to live for all of us, and engineers who design and create technology around us must be as diverse as people who will use it. Being an engineer and being an important part of change in technology makes you feel more confident in your everyday life and thus makes meeting your career goal easier.” – Anna Rydel, Senior Sales Engineer, Commvault

Career Progression in Engineering

“Don’t hold back! Working remotely has leveled the field for talent, so make connections and take your seat at the table. You don’t have to move to a high-tech hub. In a Zoom world, everyone can sit next to the CEO and find a mentor even on the other side of the world. And, if necessary, you can better manage your schedule thanks to flexible working hours.” – Isabelle Guis, CMO, Commvault

“Studying engineering is mostly studying how to solve different problems, how to think out of the box, and being precise and accurate at the same time. This makes you a perfect candidate for many different roles in IT roles and adjust to quickly changing IT world.” – Anna Rydel, Senior Sales Engineer, Commvault

What Does Being an Engineer Mean to You?

“Being an engineer has been one of my most rewarding achievements. It is a way of thinking, being creative, being resourceful, and being helpful will carry with you proudly through your career. If you make it in STEM, you can make it anywhere, and it will give you the self-confidence for any career path you follow after.” – Isabelle Guis, CMO, Commvault

“Being an engineer makes you feel you have influence on how our world would look like in the future. IT transformation would make all people life better, not excluding any gender, race, age, disabilities, etc.” – Anna Rydel, Senior Sales Engineer, Commvault

“I’m very fortunate to be part of the Metallic team where we have many women in engineering. We should continue to show representation of women and bring diverse and innovative solutions to our products.” Jennifer Wang, Senior Director Engineering, Metallic

The Future of Female Engineering

“For the future of female engineering, I’m hopeful that it will be commonplace to have women in leadership positions, and that management will be evenly split across genders.” – Parisa Bazl, Director, UX, Commvault