Commvault Continues Cloud Integration Innovation, Adds Support For Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering

By John Stockard

Commvault Systems is proud to announce support for Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering, a new Amazon S3 storage class recently released at AWS re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas. 

With Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering and the Commvault software, customers can continue to write backup data directly to an Amazon S3 bucket AND now have the ability to automatically tier infrequently-accessed blocks of those backups from higher-cost S3 tiers (such as S3 Standard) down to lower-cost tiers (such as S3-Infrequent Access or even S3 Glacier). The best part is that there are no retrieval fees associated with this tiering service, so even restores from older backup jobs that have been automatically migrated will not incur extra AWS retrieval fees normally associated with lower cost S3 tiers.

This newly-announced support for Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering allows your organization to realize cost-savings and flexibility by storing your backup data in the appropriate performance tier of Amazon S3 storage to meet your data recovery patterns, without the need for predicting restore frequencies, manual scripting or backup job post-processing. Commvault software has native connection capabilities for Amazon S3, so no third-party gateway or VTL appliances are required, which reduces the complexity of your data protection environment.

Support for S3 Intelligent Tiering joins the extensive list of cloud capabilities already included in Commvault software, including the ability to protect AWS workloads and data such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS.  Additionally, Commvault software enables your organization to migrate to the cloud via data transfer services such as AWS Snowball, AWS Snowball Edge and AWS Snowmobile. Last but not least, with the data conversion capabilities (such as VM conversion into Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises database conversions into Amazon RDS instances) and Live Sync support for VMware to AWS replication for disaster recovery, many data management use cases can be handled by Commvault software.

The entirety of  these capabilities are offered via a single-pane-of-glass experience regardless of whether your organization’s workloads are running in a traditional on-premises data center, running completely in the cloud, or running in a hybrid environment. 

Learn more about these capabilities via the AWS and Commvault connection.