Gains, Gains, Gains! Commvault Customers Capture Productivity Gains in 2021

By Hope D’Amore

Welcome to the final blog on IDC’s new white paper, “Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis.” Today we’re talking about gains—productivity gains.

According to IDC, cost of downtime is one of the most visible forms of total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction. The savings is often more than the cost of the solution alone, resulting in an ROI of less than six months.

IDC performed a Business Value Analysis of the savings Commvault customers have captured through reductions in unplanned downtime. With Commvault, unplanned downtime went from an average of 26.3 hours per year to 13.4 hours per year. This is a savings of 13 hours, or a 50% improvement in downtime. This drops productivity costs per user from $385 to $195, a savings of $190 and a 50% improvement. (The formula for calculating these costs can be found on page 19 of the white paper).

Additionally, the reduction of total annual IT admin hours after Commvault is staggering. Before Commvault, users saw an average of 468 hours. After Commvault, the average was 324 hours, a difference of 144 hours and an improvement of 31%.

And now for the really good part: Commvault customers were able to reduce their time managing data from 2873 hours per week to 2156 hours, a savings of 717 hours and an improvement of 25%.

“Managing data” includes:

  • Backup: administration
  • Backup: reporting
  • Backup: troubleshooting
  • Backup: containers
  • Cloud provisioning and cloud data management
  • General maintenance and management of the environment
  • Ongoing deployments to the environments
  • Disaster recovery: setup, testing, and maintenance
  • End-user help desk support
  • IT service management (e.g. ServiceNow, BMC, etc.)
  • Finding/searching data for recovery
  • Legal discovery
  • Managing snapshots and associated scripts

The white paper concludes that Commvault customers have been able to capture value from the simplification of data protection and management processes. According to IDC, Commvault’s enterprise data management platform offers significant capabilities that extend far beyond backup and recovery. Commvault customers have reduced cost and complexity by consolidating their point protection products and allowing greater access to data. 74% of Commvault customers reported that deployment was easy or somewhat easy.

As you can see, these gains have a significant impact on efficiency and costs of managing data. We’re proud to be enabling customers to gain benefits every day, this year and beyond.

To view the white paper, click here: Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software