Commvault Customers Reduce Risk; Unplanned Downtime Drops 50% with Commvault

By Phil Wandrei

We’re back with our third blog on IDC’s new white paper, sponsored by Commvault, “Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis.” If you missed blogs one – It’s Commvault Simple!! and two – 54% improvement in management costs, check them out.

Today we’re talking risk reduction—mitigating risk by reducing downtime and data loss, improving recovery speed, and providing litigation support.

The survey covers customer benefits across:

  • Downtime
  • Backup reliability
  • Data coverage
  • Operational exposure
  • Recovery time and recovery point objectives

Commvault customers have reduced unplanned downtime by 50% through the increased reliability and operations Commvault provides. The average decrease went from 26.3 hours to 13.4 hours per year.

An increase in coverage was another significant gain for Commvault customers. According to the report: “Because of the breadth and depth of Commvault support for applications, databases, VMs, and workloads, customers are saying they can cover more of their data.”

Commvault customers have been able to thrive in uncertain times due to effective data management, captured efficiency, and rock-solid protection and recovery—resulting in cost control, among other positive results. The survey shows that before implementing Commvault, customers could only protect 61% of the data that needed coverage, which meant nearly 40% of their data was at risk. Coverage significantly improved with Commvault, including doubling analytics and encryption coverage—a change of 95% for analytics and 124% for encryption.

Compliance is another critical area that improved with Commvault. Risks include data loss, failure to meet regulatory requirements or audits, and data theft or breach. With Commvault, customers reduced the risk of failing compliance, failing an audit, or experiencing data theft or breach by 60%.

And let’s not forget Service Level Agreements (SLAs)! The risk of not meeting SLAs is real, and an improvement inability to meet SLAs resulted in mitigated risk and uninterrupted business operations for Commvault customers. 47% of Commvault customers meet their RPO recovery SLA more often, and 46% meet their RTO recovery SLA more often.

Risks are growing exponentially in today’s world of ransomware, threats by bad actors, and other reasons for downtime and data loss. The numbers tell the story: Commvault’s customers reduce risk and increase results with Commvault solutions. Get all the numbers in the entire IDC white paper.  To read the IDC white paper, click here: Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software