Commvault EHR Data Protection ‘Preferred’ By InterSystems To Protect TrakCare® And HealthShare Data

By Jesse Eichhorn

In a previous blog we discussed how the Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the center of the healthcare provider’s IT universe. This data does many things:

  • It supports clinicians in the delivery of efficient, cost-effective care to patients
  • It drives clinical workflow, operational efficiency and the organization’s revenue cycle
  • It represents some of the most private, intimate and sensitive information about individuals within the community
  • The data it generates lays the foundation for healthcare’s data-driven transformation

EHR data is mission-critical, and this data deserves to be protected by a solution in which capabilities are commensurate with its importance.

For this reason, we’re extremely proud to be considered a “preferred” backup vendor for both the InterSystems TrakCare® unified healthcare information system as well as the InterSystems HealthShare unified health record1. Commvault was one of only a few vendors designated as “preferred,” “highly recommended” and “thoroughly tested for performance, availability and operations.” 

Coupled with Commvault’s highest comfort level ratings from Epic and MEDITECH certification, Commvault stands as one of the leading solutions protecting patient information across the globe today. Why do EHR vendors and customers alike trust the protection of patient data to Commvault? For many reasons:

  • Minimize system downtime with multi-threaded backups and restores designed for optimal speed and performance
  • Restore confidently, quickly and accurately – from any location, with autonomous, one-button restore should data be compromised by ransomware or other cyberattack
  • Enjoy a single view of all your data through the Commvault administrative console, regardless of where the data is stored
  • Recover the data you need – either the entire database at the hardware level or a single file
  • Switch front-end and back-end storage – either on-premises or to/within the cloud – seamlessly with Commvault’s infrastructure-independent platform
  • Scale throughout the enterprise – expand Commvault to protect all data, both clinical and business, throughout the entire organization
  • Comply with regulatory requirements – Commvault supports GDPR compliance

Commvault is proud to play such a critical supporting role in the overall delivery of patient care and digital transformation of healthcare worldwide. I would encourage all healthcare provider organizations to take a second look at the solution they are using to protect their critical EHR data and ask themselves two questions:

  • Do I feel confident that this solution will perform in the wake of a successful cyberattack?
  • As data management becomes more critical to organizational success, do I have the right solution to support our go-forward strategy?

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1 InterSystems Hardware Compatibility List. February 21, 2018