Commvault GO Day Two: Wrapping Up A Remarkable Show

By Commvault

Commvault GO 2016 set an extremely high bar for us. The challenge for this year was set: deliver a greater customer experience. Did we meet this challenge?

The answer is a resounding yes.

This year we doubled our audience size, tripled our content and expanded our global presence. But while growing the show is important, one element remains core – we wanted our customers to have contact with Commvault people.

Today started with three outstanding keynote sessions. First, COO Al Bunte shared practical approaches to help customers find a better way to address priority technology investments. From running a multi-cloud strategy to supporting regulatory compliance issues like GDPR, Bunte outlined multiple ways companies can drive new levels of IT efficiency. He reminded the audience that remarkable feats don’t just happen; you need a plan and strategy to achieve success.

Then Cynthia Johnson, Cisco Vice President, Worldwide Data Center Business, and Adam Massey, Google Cloud, gave their insights about the rapid evolution of the data center landscape. Both agreed that multi-cloud execution is the new reality for business, resulting in a real-time access to data. And both described how they partner with Commvault to make it a reality for customers.

Finally, in a stirring presentation, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger shared his story of the “Miracle on the Hudson.” He explained how he used data to frame his decisions during the emergency landing and how his experience can translate into a life lesson for everyone. It was a truly remarkable story.

Today we hosted an intimate CIO Summit, where we discussed IT’s readiness for digital business, tied into a global study that we announced. The afternoon continued on the show floor with breakout sessions and mini-theater demonstrations. In total, we hosted 95 breakout sessions, 30 mini-theater presentations and 25 structured lab talks during the event. These informal gatherings gave our customers and prospects an unprecedented look at the innovation and solutions only Commvault can deliver.

As our day here comes to a close, our guests are getting ready for our Farewell Party on Fleet Street to celebrate the end of two remarkable days. They will also be the first to hear about the location of Commvault GO 2018.

That’s all from National Harbor, Maryland for now. Thanks for checking in, and be sure to share all the Commvault GO experiences and news on your social media channels.