Commvault in your pocket? The Right Fit

By Parisa Bazl

Since joining Commvault about 2 years ago as Head of UX, I’ve been a part of a global company that shares one vision – to provide simplified and powerful data protection services for all kinds of customers. We aim to make our software more efficient, effective, and learnable for our users, so that they can add even more value to their own organizations. Improvements in the installation process for Hyperscale, auto-completion of known values, better search capabilities, and SaaS offerings are all examples of enhanced experiences that extend far beyond the surface interface.

Our newest mobile offering, the Commvault NOW app, is available for download both in the Apple Store and Android Store, is the latest example of this.

Simply download the apps and log in with your credentials to start using it!

Whenever I misplace my phone, I experience a certain kind of panic that doesn’t come with losing anything else. Losing a phone feels like losing my ability to exist. I connect with friends and family through my phone, I take photos and videos with my phone, I shop with it, do banking with it, watch movies using it…even my ability to eat is bound to my phone, between grocery shopping, delivery, and making a reservation.

The only thing that I can’t do with my phone is my job.

None of my friends or colleagues can do their job from their phones, either. I’m also not sure that any of us want to. A majority of work tasks are complex, involving lots of information and decision-making. We’re still bound to our desktops because it’s impossible to do really complex things on a 6-inch screen.

However, in recent years there have been mobile apps that allow us to do some parts of our jobs via our phones. We’re able to handle communication pretty seamlessly through apps like Microsoft Teams and Outlook, and we can attend meetings through Zoom if we’re away from our desks. Certain work activities should be available to us if they’re the kind that make sense to do on mobile in the first place.

Whether or not it makes sense to do a task on mobile depends on the complexity of the tasks. If users are likely to make slips or errors, and if the consequence of those errors are very large, then we should minimize their likelihood of doing so by relegating those tasks to the desktop. Conversely, if the tasks are simpler and don’t require many inputs, then we should provide users the flexibility of doing them regardless of where they happen to be.

People who use Commvault products have a lot to do. Our offerings have incredibly robust data and functionality, and our users often need larger screens to accommodate for the full extent of protection requirements. In order to have a useful mobile experience, we needed to focus on providing our users with streamlined information and actions that allow them to do certain aspects of their jobs from anywhere.

The Commvault NOW app gives IT admins an easy way to monitor critical information about their environments and perform simple tasks related to that information. Upon logging in, they can view statistics around backup success that helps them quickly identify any issues. We wanted to give users the ability to survey the health of their environment any time, any where, and take pre-emptive steps to reconcile issues.

“The Commvault Now app allows you to quickly check the status of your backup environment in a single glass on your mobile device. Saving you time and keeping you in control of your data.”

Rajiv Kottomtharayil

By providing both distinct purposes and continuity between the desktop and mobile experiences, our users are able to have more flexibility and control over how and where they do their jobs.

After all, the only thing that should be challenging when it comes to using mobile apps is keeping track of our phones in the first place.