Commvault Journeys To The Clouds With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

By Rahul Pawar

Today we are happy to announce our support as one of the first partners for the new Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), which helps customers execute their hybrid cloud strategies by running VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To summarize, Oracle Cloud is now allowing customers to manage their own VMware stack. Customers can now lift and shift their on-premises VMware stack – intact – to the Oracle Cloud while still using existing tools and operational procedures. With this support, Commvault customers can use the same data protection in the cloud. In this unprecedented time, being able to extend your on-premises VMware environment and link it up to OCI with control over version management, operations and more, makes it easy to migrate from on-premises into the cloud with virtually no changes.

The latest step in our cloud journey, Commvault believes in choice for our customers and always meets them where they are. From Azure to AWS to Oracle Cloud, and more, Commvault provides data backup and recovery support for more than 40 public and private cloud storage platforms. We are thrilled to add OCVS to that list!

With OCVS, customers still receive the same experience as on-premises VMware, with full root access, full administrative control and full capabilities of VMware features. New offerings include:

  • Data privacy: with cloud elasticity, Oracle has no access to your data
  • Native connection to 50-plus Oracle cloud services, collaborative support and a unified billing and unified console experience
  • Availability in all (18) commercial Generation 2 OCI Regions
  • Seamless extension or migration of existing on-premises VMware IT estates and data centers to the cloud

Combining OCVS with Commvault’s Intelligent Data Management support, customers can rest assured that their data will be seamlessly protected and managed in the Oracle Cloud and accessible at any time.

Learn more about Commvault’s support of OCVS and check out a related blog.