Commvault named first data protection partner in Pure Validated Design (PVD) program

By Commvault

In September, we announced a reference design with Pure Storage, combining the simplicity, scalability and agility of Commvault’s Complete™ Data Protection solution with Pure’s FlashBlade® unified and fast file and object platform to provide customers with high-performance, enterprise-grade data protection. Today we’re happy to share that our joint offering is now part of the new Pure Validated Design (PVD) program .

Simply put, a PVD means that Pure has validated and integrated its leading-edge storage technology with our enterprise-grade data protection solution, helping customers address business-critical tasks such as simplifying deployment, reducing risk and freeing up IT resources. Through this program, customers are provided design considerations and deployment best practices.

Figure 1. Pure FlashBlade storage using Commvault RO1105 architecture.

This is an exciting time for Commvault as we are currently the first data protection partner to have a PVD solution. For customers, deploying this PVD provides a wealth of benefits, including:


When it comes to meeting Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), it is critical to have a solution that can not only back up data quickly, but also restore it in a timely fashion. With Pure FlashBlade as backup target, data can be ingested at rates up to 90TB/hour. Combine this with FlashBlade Rapid Restore, and customers have the ability to simultaneously restore operations to different clients, dramatically reducing restore time, and delivering data-recovery speeds of up to 270 TB/hour for Commvault protected data.


At Commvault, we are known for providing all-encompassing solutions that simplify data management processes. For example, when it comes to data compression and deduplication, our technology manages data before it’s sent to FlashBlade, reducing the amount of data being backed up, the storage capacity needed, operating costs and the network bandwidth. With our Commvault IntelliSnap technology, we also streamline and simplify snapshot management, centralize data, automate object, application and database recovery, and link snapshots to backup processes. Through this technology, we are able to offer simple data management with an indexing and reporting framework, allowing data to be used for more than just backup and recovery.   


With data being one of the most valuable assets of a company, growing exponentially each day, it is critical for customers to have a management solution that can scale to support its needs. The Commvault PVD does just that, with the ability to seamlessly add up to 150 blades across 10 chassis to the FlashBlade architecture, providing over 7.5PB of raw storage. As additional blades are added, the system throughput increases, resulting in faster backup and recovery. With Commvault software layered in, customers can rest assured that their data is protected, regardless of scale.


The rise in ransomware attacks is something that cannot be ignored and with most companies sharing data virtually, the possibility of an attack increases. The Commvault PVD provides the protection that companies need, with built-in end-to-end encryption for data that is both in flight and at rest, as well as backup coverage for files and auto-discovery for proactive protection of newly added datasets. Together, Commvault Complete Data Protection and Pure FlashBlade with SafeMode feature automated and customized snapshot processes and retention, allowing for a smoother restore process in the event of an attack. With SafeMode snapshots, customers can create read-only snapshots of backup data that can’t be deleted, modified, or encrypted even with admin credentials, thus creating a secure copy. If an attack does take place or data is accidentally deleted, customers can easily roll back to any snapshot and easily restore the data from that secure copy.

Learn more about the Pure Validated Design program and the partnership between Commvault and Pure.