Commvault Powers Data Protection For Amazon Government Clouds, Securing Secret And Top Secret Data

By Scott Britton

Government agencies and their private contractors can now use the Commvault Data Platform to support data protection in Amazon government clouds.

Commvault now helps our government customers to move, manage and use data on:

  • The secure cloud built for the intelligence community that can operate with workloads up to top secret.
  • AWS Secret Region that can operate with workloads up to the secret U.S. security classification levels.
  • AWS GovCloud regions, which were previously supported prior to this week’s announcement.

Government agencies need security, speed, flexibility and reliability when supporting data in the cloud.  While the cloud is secure, each organization owns data protection under the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. The Commvault Data Platform can help AWS customers meet their requirements in the AWS Shared Responsibility Model just as Commvault helps protect data in the physical data center.

Commvault Data Protection For AWS Top Secret, Secret Region And GovCloud Region

The Commvault Data Platform already includes native support for S3, S3-IA, Glacier and Snowball allowing customers to move data onto AWS from on-premises. The Commvault Data Patform allows customers to move virtual and physical servers directly into Amazon EC2 instances for migration to cloud or disaster recovery needs.

Once in the cloud, Commvault provides in-cloud protection for everything from EC2 and RDS instances, EBS snap management and cross region replication of data. Commvault can write directly to AWS storage classes, including S3, SIA, RRS and Glacier, with no need for any storage gateway.

As the data gets transferred over the network, protecting the integrity of data is an important aspect of any cloud storage implementation. Cloud storage protects the integrity of the data using the following features:

  • By default, data is transferred through secured channels using HTTPS protocol.
  • The Commvault platform’s FIPS 140-2 certified data encryption feature further protects the data by providing data encryption client side, in-flight as well as at rest. 

From a single platform, Commvault offers comprehensive data management capabilities including data backup, recovery, application migration, e-discovery, disaster recovery, virtual machine lifecycle management, compliance and legal holds. Combine the Commvault Data Platform depth and breadth. With the AWS secret and top secret clouds, you can be rest assured that your data is secure and available in the cloud. 

Learn more about Commvault support for AWS backup, recovery and e-discovery.