Commvault Response Services helps with data recovery and ransomware recovery

Commvault Services Team has successfully performed multiple recovery projects for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Commvault is focused on delivering a superior customer experience. In this era, threats to customer data have been increasing. When customer data is affected, it becomes even more important to restore their data to reinstate their business operations quickly.

This blog highlights how Commvault Ransomware Recovery Team responds to disastrous events, including ransomware attacks, to help recover the data and resume customers’ business quickly. This blog follows the previous blogs written by my colleagues on Modern ways to protect your data, or things I learned from floppy disks and Successful data protection requires strategy and business reviews.

Commvault Services Team has successfully performed multiple recovery projects for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Not long ago, stalwart companies in Consultancy, Real Estate, Health Care, and Manufacturing industries were impacted by ransomware. Commvault Ransomware Recovery Services Team helped these organizations recover their data in order to resume their business operations with best-in-class Recovery Time Objectives.

A quick glance of successful recovery operations across industries:  

  1. Complete backup infrastructure (CommServe, MediaAgents, and libraries – tape, disk, and cloud) was rebuilt on an isolated platform to kick off the recovery program for a Global Health Care organization when they had a cyber attack
  2. A giant Packaging Solutions Company was attacked maliciously, and a majority of its infrastructure was compromised. Commvault Ransomware Recovery Team helped recover data for 53 Sites across North America and Europe. This enabled all of their manufacturing sites to be business or production-ready by recovering a whooping 86 million objects during the complete recovery program
  3. Commvault Ransomware Recovery Team helped recover critical components (heart of operations) like data – manufacturing graphical designs, confidential data for Human Resources, and Legal documents with less-than-ideal RTO. This helped the manufacturing unit to reinstate operations with the least impact on their supply chain operations, sales commitments, and their employer-employee operations when they were under attack
  4. A Real-Estate Software & Advisory Services company had its hybrid infrastructure compromised. The result was to restore data across multiple functions like Cost, Human Resources, Legal, Finance and  Accounts, and IT, including Microsoft Exchange servers spanning approximately 500 users. Not only was this recovery operation completed seamlessly, but the Commvault experts reviewed and redrafted the Data Protection Strategy with robust and advanced hybrid solutions and then implemented the new solution
  5. Customers across industries, including local, state, and federal Governments, have tasked Commvault experts for successful ransomware recovery operations, resuming backups operations along with re-strategizing their data protection to safeguard from future disasters/attacks

As per Gartner, “Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions,” Commvault was the only vendor with the highest scores across the use cases of Data center, Cloud and Edge environments. Experts here have performed countless successful recoveries by being agile and have boiled down to 3 broad steps of Successful Recovery when Customer’s IT infrastructure is under attack.

Step 1 – Review Customer’s Commvault environment
Step 2 – Analyze readiness of the rebuilt infrastructure
Step 3 – Program management and way forward

Step 1 – Review Customer’s Commvault Environment

Commvault Ransomware Recovery Team:

  • Thoroughly review the customer’s Commvault environment, highlight possibilities, and flag challenges according to the current situation
  • Ensure all the safety measures are in place for the backup data
  • Identify clean vs. compromised data and, based on the business requirements prioritizes the sites and the data to be recovered, E.g., filesystems, databases, hypervisors, etc.

Step 2 – Analyze Readiness of Rebuild Infrastructure

Ransomware Recovery Team:

  • Thoroughly analyze the available rebuilt infrastructure 
  • Recommend allocation of minimum infrastructure resources, i.e., RAM, CPU, V-RAM, and drive requirements for the CommServe and MediaAgents depending on the size of the customer environment and best practices for better RTO
  • Develop the accessibility options of the rebuilt environment

Step 3 – Program Management and Way Forward

A highly proficient dedicated team leads these complete recovery efforts in Commvault, and these are program managed by using efficient collaboration tools and establishing checkpoints for goalposts.

Upon completing the data recovery, it is important to note the lessons learned and re-strategize the Data Protection Plan. Our Subject Matter Experts evaluate these strategies and recommend advanced and robust configurations to meet the customer’s business priorities.

Commvault provides the resources and expertise to accelerate returning to normal business operations after a data loss event or a successful ransomware attack through the proper design, implementation, management, and support of your environment. Learn more how Commvault can help your organization be ready, steady, and respond. Read Commvault Ransomware Protection and Response Services

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