Commvault Supports Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

By Randy De Meno

As anyone at Commvault can tell you, the longest partnership we have is with Microsoft, spanning more than 20 years. In fact, during Commvault’s humble beginnings, Microsoft was one of our largest equity investors. Since that time, we have come a long way, supporting its wide range of solutions, including Office 365 and Azure, to jointly deliver success for customers.

The most recent example is the continuation of our early endorsement for key Microsoft Azure features with the ability to manage and back up data to, and easily restore it from, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2). At its most basic level, ADLS Gen2 “makes Azure Storage the foundation for building enterprise Data Lakes on Azure.” It is the result of converging Azure Blob storage and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 to enhance performance, management and security.

In supporting this solution, our customers now have yet another option within Azure Blob storage tiers, adding to our support for hot, cool, archive and page blobs – for protecting ADLS Gen2.

So how is ADLS Gen2 going to be used? I see more and more customers using it for performance and object/hierarchical file storage. From a Commvault perspective, we can seamlessly complement this with our heterogeneous data management solution – and leverage Azure compute to do that. Commvault’s experience in delivering data management with Hadoop gives our customers another reason to be confident for those using ADLS Gen2.

Further, our ability to leverage Azure blob storage complements our use of Azure as a Disaster Recovery (DR) location. Metallic, Commvault’s SaaS venture, also takes advantage of Azure Blob storage for our customers, especially for Office 365 and endpoint protection and management.

With this latest solution, we’re happy to continue Commvault’s deep, industry-leading integration with Microsoft, which includes early support of Azure integration, such as Azure Ultra Disk, Azure Premium Disk and Azure NetApp Files – all of which have been vital for high-end databases such as SAP, SAP/HANA and our extended retention capabilities for Azure PaaS Open Source Databases (MySQL, PostGreSQL and Maria DB).

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Randy De Meno is Commvault’s Chief Technologist – Microsoft Products & Partnership.