Completing The Microsoft Office 365 Picture With Commvault

By Commvault

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, sometimes a thousand words is not good enough. For example, if you wanted an image – like a painting or a picture of a beautiful landscape – to decorate your home or make your webpage pop, a 1,000-word description is not going to be an adequate substitute. Perhaps the same can be said about Microsoft Office 365.

While moving to Microsoft Office 365 offers all the benefits you expect from the cloud, such as lower costs, high availability and scale – you might be settling for the 1,000 words. Why? Because management and protection of your data in Microsoft Office 365 is your responsibility. Instead, you want a complete Office 365 picture! We have already seen significant adoption of our Office 365 capabilities from our managed service provider partners. Now we are announcing Commvault for Office 365 for organizations that are already using, or plan to move, to Microsoft Office 365. 

The Commvault for Office 365 offering is a comprehensive data protection and compliance solution that scales to meet the needs of the largest enterprise or service provider managing many individual organizations. The solution also helps users migrate to Office 365 by reducing the amount of data to be moved, resulting in a speedier transition and lower project costs. 

Commvault for Office 365 is available now and supports or enhances key use cases for data protection, migration and compliance across the core Microsoft Office 365 services of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business, as well as for Project Online.Let’s paint the picture by delving a bit deeper into each of these use cases. 

Comprehensive data protection and recovery

The primary use case is comprehensive data protection and recovery enabling users to protect all Office 365 assets in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Project Online, as well as data that resides on-premises. Users can store a backup copy outside of Office 365, to access that data or migrate it to another location.

Enabling a backup copy outside of Office 365 provides data protection and accessibility in case the Microsoft infrastructure becomes unavailable. Recovering data is possible regardless if it is accidentally or intentionally deleted, corrupted, or if a malicious attack such as ransomware occurs.

Facilitate rapid and efficient migration

Archiving inactive or legacy user mailboxes before the migration also reduces the amount of data being moved, resulting in decreased project costs.  With Commvault for Office 365, users have the added convenience of managing all data on-premises or in Office 365, from the same web-based console, for complete visibility and control.

Ensure proper compliance

Additionally, Commvault for Office 365 ensures proper compliance through proactive data collection, as well as high-speed search and discovery of multiple data types across Office 365 and other data repositories. The ability to search and find data from all repositories provides a complete process when events such as audits or litigation arise. Commvault for Office 365 allows users to build a defensible, compliant copy of their data for preservation and discovery.  With Commvault software, users can keep the critical information they need and confidently delete unwanted data.

Don’t settle for 1,000 words; instead, get the complete picture. Talk to Commvault today to understand how we can help you complete your Microsoft Office 365 masterpiece with confidence that your data is protected, accessible and compliant.