Congratulations Junior Vaulters!

By Rajiv Kottomtharayil

Congratulations Junior Vaulters! We challenged, and you accepted. When our Chief People Officer, Martha Delahanty, and I launched this challenge, we never imagined such great turnout and we would like to sincerely thank you for all your hard work. We received entries for our coding challenge in all three categories, from all over the globe, and your submissions were remarkably impressive.

When judging these submissions, we considered the follow criteria to establish a winner.

1. Sophistication of execution, level of completeness and stage of development

2. How does the project respond to testing

3. Level of creativity

I was quite surprised by the level of detail our Junior Vaulters put into developing these apps and was impressed by the passion and dedication you showed in this challenge. The easy challenge category had a lot of exciting games created. It was tough to select a winner as all the entries were excellent!

I am pleased to announce the winners of the first every Junior Vaulter Challenge:

Easy Challenge: Nikhil Mantha

Medium Challenge: Srividya Sundar

Hard Challenge: Tarun Prakash

A huge congratulations to the winners AND all who entered our challenge. You worked hard to create projects that were exciting and unique. And I speak on behalf of everyone at Commvault when I say you should be very proud of yourselves.