Coolspirit Energy Pledge: Supporting A Remarkable Journey

By Damon Robertson

COOLSPIRiT is proud of our long and established ‘strategic’ partnership with Commvault, which I have personally been involved with since 2008. Partnerships are built on many elements. Of course, commercial and technical leadership are fundamental, but for what creates a truly strategic partnership is a complementary point of view on all things business and shared philosophies that stretch beyond financial agreements.

I have built COOLSPIRiT on the basis that while we of course strive to deliver the best services and solutions to our customers, we should never forget that there are things more important to us all than technology. For this reason when I learned of Commvault’s engagement in a project as critical to our future as the 2041 South Pole Energy Challenge project, I recognised further synergies between our organisations and another ideal opportunity to collaborate.

British explorer Robert Swan’s keynote at Commvault GO underscored many of the exact key principles that are important to my organisation. The educational importance of the 2041 foundation’s cause – in particular the South Pole Energy Challenge – can’t be overstated.

As a measure of how our planet is changing, part of the 2041 Foundation’s ongoing mission is to inspire governments, educators, businesses, investors and individuals to take concrete and measurable actions to shift the way they think about, legislate and use energy. It is clearly a critical one, so when we were asked to get involved and make our own energy saving pledge, it was an easy offer for me to make on behalf of COOLSPIRiT.

While not everyone will have the chance to take part in something as epic as a 600-mile expedition to the South Pole (I am in great awe of and respect for Chris Powell  – and of his physical ability – to make the trek himself), we can and should contribute in our own way. Therefore, all of us at COOLSPRiT are pleased to fully get behind all of the initiatives. It’s as basic as using less water in the morning to washing our dishes; buying reusable water bottles; or even simply reducing the lighting settings on a laptop. If 6 billion people all did these tiny things, it adds up some big and positive reductions in global energy usage. In our offices at COOLSPIRiT, we have lighting that switches off automatically once we leave the room. This is an effective example of how we can ensure we only use the power needed there and then, and not wasting energy when it is not required.

Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

This is a fitting statement when considering the bigger issues the 2041 foundation is trying to confront. We’re proud to be creating ripples of our own in support of Robert, Chris and the SPEC team, by making our own energy reduction pledge, which you can find and follow (@COOLSPIRiTdata) on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


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