COVID-19 pain points accelerate container adoption

By Don Foster

Digital Transformation.  Application Modernization. Cloud-first. Microservices. Kubernetes.


I think I just hit all of the buzzwords in less than a line of text. How’s that for search engine manipulation?  I know, I know, that’s not how it really works but, hey, I did get my buzzword bingo card filled out quickly. Buzzwords or not, here’s the thing: all of these terms have become super important over the last 18 months. Kubernetes and the containers ecosystem were already moving forward with a strong head of steam, introducing new functionality on what seems like a monthly basis. With new tech such as persistent storage offerings available, Kubernetes was working its way toward making microservices and containers more viable for production and application modernization efforts.

And then COVID-19 hit. 

An interesting phenomenon of the pandemic was unforeseen. An acceleration into transformative technology started. Existing digital transformation projects suddenly accelerated.  A global survey of 700 CIOs in large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees, conducted by Vanson Bourne, found that over the past 12 months, 89% of CIOs say their digital transformation has accelerated, and 58% say it will continue to speed up.

COVID-19 brought a quick focus on improving efficiencies with traditional applications, manual tasks and redundant processes. The digital and cloud transformation we thought would be here in 2024 is happening now! The only thing holding this digital transformation back are the old ways of doing things. The barriers to allowing new technologies to enable businesses and to better serve their customers must be removed. Transformation brings change that will mean new standards, opportunities, unknowns and challenges for us all.

A few things I am certain of as we drive this transformation:

  • Cloud or cloud-like infrastructure is a must for all projects going forward
  • Time to provision of IT resources must be so small it is immeasurable
  • Data governance is here stay
  • The “bad guys” want your data
  • Downtime will be the death of your digital business
  • Kubernetes is the standard for transformative business application development

So here we are – right in the middle of this pivotal transformation. DevOps teams are already creating the next generation application sets built on Kubernetes. Keeping up with their pace, or trying to lead them, will mean delivering the security and rigor to hold the bad guys at bay.  The goal is implementing new cloud-like infrastructures to support these development efforts, while removing IT from the delivery process – all while still delivering on near 100% uptime. And don’t forget about protection and overall management. This can’t be hard for you or your customers. The need for intelligent solutions that can manage these new data sets and prove data governance and operational compliance with corporate, or regulatory rules are not an afterthought. 

Seems like a tough pill to swallow. 

Don Foster is Commvault’s VP, Global Sales Engineering.