Data Geeks, Science Nerds, And Def Poetry? Commvault GO 2018

By Chris Powell

It’s surely to be an unlikely mashup when data management, a world-renowned scientist and a Def poet take the stage at this year’s Commvault GO in Nashville in two months. Commvault GO will be headlined by Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and acclaimed actor, poet, comic and motivator Steve Connell.

In all honesty (while I hate wishing what’s left of summer away), I canNOT wait for October to get here. There are times when you get to arrange something special – this is one of those times. Nye: a scientist who is passionate about science and uses data to make science accessible to the world; and Steve Connell: an artist who is attuned to the technology that surrounds us and uses creativity to send a message to break through barriers that isolate us.

Together, these men complement Commvault’s vision – to protect data while making it securely accessible.

Intrigued about these two? Well, first – check out Nye’s new show (OK, three years running) on Netflix: “Bill Nye Saves the World.” For Steve, take a look at him out on YouTube; it’s worth it.

Below is a video of one of my favorite things he did for Pioneer Electronics.

Here are some cool facts about our keynote speakers:

Bill Nye (Twitter: @BillNye)

  • Took an astronomy class at Cornell University taught by Carl Sagan – um, wow.
  • Promotes education and the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning – a cause Commvault fervently supports as well.
  • His television show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, was critically acclaimed and nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, winning 19. That’s 19 more than me.

Steve Connell (Twitter: @SteveConnell)

  • Steve Connell is a National Poetry Champion. Yup, that’s a thing.
  • He is a two-time HBO Def Poet.
  • He is the former creative director for Norman Lear’s “Declare Yourself”campaign.

This pairing is going to be an impressive and memorable highlight of Commvault GO 2018. But GO offers so much more; GO attendees will hear about our solutions from our customers, partners and internal experts through more than 150 presentations. Don’t miss your chance to get firsthand experience at our annual customer event.

Read more about Commvault GO 2018 and our exciting line of speakers.

See you in Nashville.