Data Is Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft, Commvault And The Real Business Value Of Data Insights

By Kevin Komiega

Commvault and Microsoft have worked together for decades to help customers drive efficiency, cost savings and compliance in their businesses. Today, we provide enterprise class data protection and management for Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, Office 365 and Microsoft SQL Server, to name several platforms and apps. But what does the future hold? It’s all about the cloud, data intelligence and AI, according to Microsoft Corporate VP Steve Guggenheimer and Commvault Chief Technologist, Randy De Meno.

I tagged along for Commvault’s EBC at Microsoft HQ recently and convinced these two gents to sit down and talk tech on Facebook Live. Have a little mercy as I was just getting used to our new Mevo livestream rig, but the result was a lively conversation about how data management makes AI happen and the journey we’ve all been on from client, to client-server, to Internet, to cloud and mobile, and now intelligent edge and intelligent cloud. According to “Guggs,” data is AI. It’s a good thing we’re pretty good at managing, moving and protecting that data. Here are some of the key takeaways from one of my early forays into the world of Facebook Live:

1. Artificial intelligence is here and it’s real. What needs to be better understood is the foundation for AI is data. Everything Commvault does with data ends up being the foundation for business insights and the foundation for how customers might want to differentiate themselves through the use of artificial intelligence.

2. It’s important to note that Commvault has been leveraging the Microsoft infrastructure for more than 20 years. That gives us a leg up when it comes to managing data in Microsoft environments, including in the cloud. We’ve gotten pretty efficient at identifying and moving data into Azure. That’s the setup for AI.

3. Microsoft has been right there along with you and with Commvault on the journey from client, to client-server, to Internet, cloud, mobile and now intelligent edge and intelligent cloud architectures. We all eat our own dog food and symmetry with partners is one of the keys to innovation in areas like SaaS.

4. Microsoft and Commvault are definitely better together and have teamed up to offer a free 60-day trial of Commvault with free Azure storage. All you need to do is check out Commvault’s page on the Azure Marketplace to get up and running.

I’m looking forward to doing more of these in the future, especially as I get a little more adept at using the Mevo technology. Let’s get the views up so we can force Randy into making good on his promise at the end of the conversation by getting him on the field for a rugby match.

Learn more on how to optimize and protect your Microsoft environments with Commvault on our Microsoft partner page. You can also view the full video and stay up to date on our latest news and events on Commvault’s YouTube page.