Data Management Done Differently, The Commvault Advantage

By Penny Gralewski

It’s time to think differently about data and data management. You’ve seen the statistics: data volume is exploding, IT headcount isn’t increasing, and the business relies more and more on data.

Cyberattacks, cloud issues, data demands: the IT team is under more pressure than ever before. Today an executive might ask about your ransomware plan. Just how quickly can you recover the company ERP, CRM or other critical applications that keep the business running?

Customer service, patient care and financial decisions all rely on data – accessible data. Data drives the best decisions and your organization’s competitive advantage.

Data and data management drive innovation

For many organizations, innovation is what attracts new customer and retains existing customers.

According to IDC, 36 percent of surveyed IT leaders said the top business goal from their tech investment was to innovate or deliver new products or services.1

What’s needed to create those new products or services? Data. Well managed data. Accessible data. Relevant data.

If you’re not investing in modern technology to support your data, are you limiting your organization? How will your business move forward without data, data management and a data strategy?

Data management. Done differently. The Commvault Advantage

It’s time to reconsider data management. Done differently. It’s time for the Commvault Advantage.

The Commvault Advantage is a revolutionary converged data management solution that redefines how your progressive enterprise protects, manages and uses your data.

Now you can know, move, manage, recover and use your organization’s most critical asset — your data — in exciting new ways. With a flexible, yet comprehensive data management platform, you can quickly deliver actionable insights from data stored across your IT infrastructure – on-premises, in the cloud and across hybrid IT environments.

The Commvault advantage portfolio includes the tools and services you need to manage data differently, and better.

  • The world’s most Complete backup and recovery solution
  • Scale-out secondary storage infrastructure to bring cloud-like benefits on-premises
  • Orchestration and automation tools to move and migrate data where it can be most effective
  • Search and governance tools to Activate data in new ways

The Commvault Advantage is comprehensive data management. Know, move, manage,
recover and use your data across cloud and on-premises storage.

Gain the Commvault Advantage: Data management for today’s organization

Modern organizations use technology to more quickly deliver goods and services to customers. Data drives that success – and the IT teams of today are delivering data faster than ever before.

Successful organizations can know, move, manage, recover and use data; Commvault makes it possible.

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  1. Source: IDC Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Perceptions Survey 2018, January 2018. n = 400