Data Privacy: Why It’s Important And How It’s Become A Global Issue

By Nigel Tozer

Personal data has been in the news all too frequently over the last year. We’ve seen a truly staggering data breach at a credit file company, plus breaches at airlines and even those that should know better – at a vendor that’s actually in the data protection business. This year has also seen the Europe Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) both hit the headlines. So much so, it’s hard to remember a week when we didn’t see a story of this kind carried prominently by the media. What’s also interesting is that the subject has shifted from tech and business outlets to the mainstream.

The journey of this topic through the media has led to increased public awareness of the data that almost everything we do leaves behind. I’d call it a data trail, but it really is more of a wake, with ripples traveling far wider than most people care to think about. This has fostered more understanding of the value, sensitivity and personal nature carried by everyone’s “data wake,” but there is still some way to go before the full ramifications are understood by the masses.

With personal data being collected at such an increasing rate, and with the leaps in the technology used to leverage it, it’s no wonder then that states, countries and trading blocks are all looking to increase regulation in this area. There’s more talk than ever about a U.S. federal privacy law in the wake of the CCPA, and versions, sections or straight copies of GDPR are being considered or written into law in Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines and more. And believe it or not, the EU is expected to strengthen GDPR with another regulation, the ePrivacy Act, in the not-too-distant future.

Set against this is the fact that in most organizations, data handling, management, use and security is far more democratized than executives would like to think – everyone plays a part. So as an IT professional, combining this idea of democratization with increased cyber risk and serious fines from new global regulations, your responsibilities as a “data custodian” just got supersized.

For all of these reasons, learning more about Data Privacy is a great reason to visit Commvault GO!

Experts will also be on hand to help you un-pick your data-privacy responsibilities, and there will be globally renowned guest speakers and analysts that can also provide advice, as well as customers and partners explaining their own data governance journeys.

Sheila Fitzpatrick, a worldwide privacy expert and chief privacy officer, will be running a session on the differences between data security and privacy, and the impact of new privacy regulations. We have an expert panel session discussing the six months since GDPR went live, and Commvault partner Lucidworks will join us to discuss not just governance, but the flip side – how data insights deliver real business value.

The data privacy and governance theme doesn’t stop there! You will also be able to find sessions specific to privacy/governance for the cloud, Office 365, laptops/endpoints and even how you can leverage Commvault in a Capstone approach to records management. If you need to manage sensitive data on a daily basis, mask personal data in a database, “forget” someone for GDPR, or even want to learn how to go about employing a Chief Data Officer, Commvault GO is the place to be. We’ll also have demos located in the GO Village and dedicated sessions on the new Commvault Activate suite.

The bottom line is this: no IT professional can hide from the impact that privacy regulations are having in the U.S., Europe and across the world. So, if you’re coming to GO, don’t miss your chance to learn more about this fascinating and increasingly important area!

So grab your log in details and schedule your sessions.

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