Delivering A Bigger Dividend With Data Protection Software

By Commvault

The traditional view of backup software as an application that only delivers business value after an incident is increasingly at odds with how the software is being used and the benefit to the organisation. Actually, stakeholders across many enterprises, in dev/test, IT help desk, legal, compliance, security, audit and business, are all receiving significant and quantifiable benefits from modern backup/recovery.

The benefits of data protection software now extend beyond operational and disaster recovery into deployment, provisioning, testing, risk reduction and simplification – which can reduce both opex and capex expenditure. 

Evidence for this comes from a new customer survey conducted in 2018 by one of the most respected independent industry analyst firms, IDC.  The IDC survey takes a representative sample of 658 Commvault customers representing a cross section of regions, company sizes and verticals, with 40 percent of these being located in North America. Value was measured relative to competitive data management solutions by customers augmenting or replacing them.

Starting with the backup/recovery related metrics, these show how dramatically the process can be improved with the use of Commvault software. Protection coverage and completion rates are two very fundamental IT measures of success for backup, and both climbed significantly, whilst the administration time taken by IT to achieve these results was reduced by 31 percent. Annual unplanned downtime is arguably a better business metric and was reduced by more than half. Key to this improvement is the reduction of recovery times.

Examining the metrics beyond backup/recovery performance provides strong evidence of its widening impact across the business.  The report showed that VM deployment has become faster – directly benefiting business units that rely on cloud services. Creating copies for dev/test is also more rapid and help desk staff benefit by spending less time per week on data related tasks.  

Chief data officers, compliance, legal, security and audit professionals will be interested to learn that modern backup/recovery software is being used successfully to reduce risk – in the areas of audit, compliance and data breaches. 

This comprehensive set of benefits is the Commvault advantage. This starts with recovery confidence and complete enterprise protection, and extends into hybrid IT control, service delivery automation and risk reduction.  It is made possible largely because of the policy and workflow oriented nature of the software. Commvault’s approach is transforming not only how organisations are considering the scope of data protection software, but also how they are thinking about their data.

You can download your own copy of the IDC Survey.