Digital Transformation Through Microsoft And Commvault

By Mary Ellen Cavanagh

Companies today are looking to digitally transform their businesses so they can address their ever-changing landscape and stay competitive, and relevant, in their markets. They want to reduce costs while driving efficiency and productivity. Moving to the cloud is part of their digital transformation strategy.

Because of their offerings around predictive analytics, cyber security, artificial and virtual reality, and IoT, many companies are moving to Microsoft Azure to help them with their digital transformation. As a matter of fact, 90 percent of Fortune 500 businesses use Azure today1. However, this can present challenges for companies with multi-platform environments; companies that need to index and search all their data; and companies with business and government regulatory requirements.

A company’s data – where it resides, what it does with it, how it ensures it is secure and compliant – plays a major part in its digital transformation strategy. In the below videos, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of One Commercial Partner, Gavriella Schuster, and Commvault Chief Technologist, Randy DeMeno, discuss the Microsoft and Commvault partnership. They also share dialogue on how Commvault extends Microsoft’s platform and services, indexing capabilities, and security and compliance features to help customers unlock a whole new level of transformation and opportunity for customers to change their business.

In the first video, Schuster talks about the relationship between Microsoft and Commvault, co-sell opportunities and the key components to the lasting partnership: namely, business, engineering and philanthropy. She also points out how Commvault does a fantastic job of exploiting Microsoft platforms, such as Windows Server Platform, the Azure Cloud Platform and the Azure Stack Platform.

In the next video, Schuster partly discusses how Commvault extends Microsoft’s platform to support multi-platform environments such as AS/400, Linux, Unix, Mac and Oracle.  She and Randy go on to say how Commvault for Office 365 enhances and embraces the Microsoft infrastructure by indexing all the data, making it available for other new services that Microsoft offers. Finally, Gavriella talks about the importance of data security using Commvault to stay compliant.

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