Driving International Growth

By Riccardo Di Blasio

As we begin our new financial year as a leader in a very competitive industry, we must remain focused on prioritizing our investments on the ability to scale and accelerate our growth globally.

While geo-political and economic events still challenge the global economy, we can be assured that data management, protection and utilization will only become more business critical for every organization anywhere in the world.  The clear threat of ransomware attacks is obviously recognized as a US national security priority with the recent Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act  and increasingly a priority for every national government.

With these challenges being faced by every country in the world, we recognize that to realize Commvault’s full potential we must also have flexibility to retain the consistent, repeatable growth we have seen from our APJ and EMEA regions.

To best achieve this we are merging our APJ and EMEA organizations into one ‘International’ organization led by Marco Fanizzi, who has been expanding our business significantly, since his appointment as EMEA leader 2 years ago.

This is now complete and fully operational.  It is with this approach we will look to maximize our investments and share best practices wider and more consistently.

We are committed to the long-term growth potential of creating an organizational structure to simplify, scale, and bring benefits to our go-to-market initiatives across both field organizations.

I don’t think I can say it better than Marco has already said to his team…

“Our success as this integrated, International region will be built on celebrating, and equally representing the incredible diversity within our organization, but based on the clear fact that each of our teams already share more similarities than differences – especially in terms of proven business success and best practices,” – Marco Fanizzi SVP and GM, Commvault International

I look forward to working with our entire global organization as part of our internal annual Sales and Company kick-off activity in the coming weeks to continue to expand our global market share in FY23.