Eight Things Commvault Does Better

By Rajiv Kottomtharayil

As customer zero and “Chief Backup Officer” at Commvault, I use our products every single day to manage our data. Like our customers, we too look for ways to continually deliver more value to our business and build these intelligent data management capabilities into our offerings. To help on your journey, I thought I’d share my experience of what differentiates Commvault as an industry leader and puts us well ahead of the competition.

1. Scalability is key – Commvault can seamlessly manage a large distributed environment across multiple data centers via a single platform and a single policy engine. For instance, one of our customers is a big hospitality chain that runs 5465 nodes spanning multiple continents under a single centrally managed namespace. Try that with a Rubrik or Cohesity.

2. The power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Manage by exception using the power of ML. Commvault leverages ML and AI to track not just the application but all your storage and networking on-premises or in the cloud. It tracks, identifies and isolates anomalies where human intervention is necessary, flags it, and when possible, self-recovers. So stop managing jobs and backups, and start using your data. We can manage it for you, freeing up your most valuable resource – TIME!

3. Commvault Business Logic Extensions – Forget coding your way through your customization needs. Commvault Business Logic Extensions, a drag and drop customizable engine, enables you to customize nearly every action in the Command Center. No need for professional services or expensive backup administration, which makes budgeting a breeze because it’s just licensing costs.

4. Cross-Data Center Replication – No one does dev/test the way we do it here. We have more than 500 engineers in five development centers across three continents accessing their dev/test environments – all through the power of our very own platform. You do too? Not like this. Our cross-data center live data replication differentiates us. Our developers pride themselves on being superusers.

5. Single Code Stack – We offer heterogeneous management capabilities through a single code stack. At Commvault, we support environments that span different operating systems and platforms. These are backed up to disk in five data centers with disaster recovery maintained in multiple locations and a DR copy in Metallic. All in one namespace. To do that with Cohesity, you’ll also need Kroll, Cristie, Imanis, Valero, QStar and a plethora of third-party products to achieve this.

6. One-Click Virtualize Me – Commvault gives you the ability to virtualize any physical or virtual environment to any cloud with a single click. Virtualize Me is one of the most used features in our product today. Forget about time – and resource-consuming disaster recovery weekends. We are here to make every DR and migration simple and painless.

7. Compliance and eDiscovery – Do you need to discover data for compliance or legal needs? Save your budget and use your Commvault managed data to do this. Our eGovernance and eDiscovery suite can span physical, virtual and cloud sources to bring to you the functionality you need for your compliance needs.

8. Make Your Storage Dreams Come True – Store 94TB of data on a 10TB NetApp volume. How, you ask? Use our File Storage Optimization to achieve this amazing storage savings without having to lift and shift your data. Our Activate offering keeps your data accessible and optimizes the storage and cost of programs you are using. 

Like you, I’m busy and depend on powerful, proven tools that make it easier for me to manage our data. Commvault enables me to spend less time managing our own data and more time focused on innovating our products for you. What’s next, you ask? We will soon be launching our revamped mobile app – Commvault NOW – which will use ML to provide you with the intelligence you need, in the palm of your hand.

Stay tuned for more details. Until then, let us help you intelligently manage your data.

Rajiv Kottomtharayil is a Commvault engineer.