Ensuring faster ransomware recovery in the cloud

By Lance Shaw
With the number of data breaches steadily increasing year on year, Commvault secures your data management environment using protection and monitoring capabilities aimed explicitly against malware, including ransomware. You are assured with Commvault’s ransomware protection capabilities, your data is safe, secure and recovery ready.

Everywhere you look these days, there is news of another ransomware attack, a state-sponsored threat, or some other form of mayhem. And then there is the unprecedented business impact brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s enough to make any IT director’s head spin, and it certainly makes it difficult to move your business forward.

And move forward, the business must. To transform digitally, you must address these top concerns:

  • Realize your security and data protection objectives
  • Modernize your backup storage with a cloud strategy
  • Use air-gapped and immutable cloud storage to mitigate ransomware risk
  • Provide data protection for emerging technologies such as containers
  • Transform with a scalable, flexible approach to data storage

I am sure you have your own list and that it is even longer than the five I mentioned above. The point is that the need for a consolidated, policy-driven, automated and flexible methodology to data protection and management is needed if your business will grow and thrive in the coming years.

Solving these challenges is exactly why you decided to attend Gartner IT IOCS. You are not alone. Attendance for this year’s virtual event is booming – because many companies are facing these same challenges.

For the reasons you got approval to attend this year, we encourage you to come by and speak with Commvault at our virtual booth. Commvault solutions can help you:

  • Simplify and automate data protection across your entire data landscape
  • Accelerate your move of applications and workloads to the cloud
  • Protect the data of your remote workers
  • Move container-based applications from the test environment to production
  • Give you the confidence that you can recover quickly from any event – including ransomware

Lance Shaw is Commvault’s Director, Solutions Marketing & Business Development Management.