Finally – SaaS simplicity to protect your hybrid cloud workloads!

By Ranga Rajagopalan

With 87% of enterprises taking a hybrid cloud approach to their strategy1, it is clear that the hybrid cloud environment isn’t an interim state, but a reality for the foreseeable future. There are many paths to the hybrid cloud – using cloud to store offsite copies, using cloud as a Disaster Recovery target, or using cloud to run workloads, just to name a few. But let’s face it – the starting point for all these paths to the hybrid cloud is very often the traditional, on-prem applications, which continue to be the most dominant application architecture for most businesses. So, the big question is, can businesses enjoy the simplicity of cloud-delivered Backup as a Service for all workloads – not only for workloads in the cloud, but also for those running on-prem?

10 day restore? No thanks.

It comes down to physics. DPaaS vendors have not traditionally offered on-premises storage options, sending all data backups for on-prem applications to the cloud. That’s great – until your large data sets on premises need recovery. You could be left waiting up to 10 days for a restore. No one has time like that, considering the costs of downtime to your business.  Enter Metallic.

Commvault is no stranger to helping our customers meet exacting SLAs for business-critical enterprise workloads – all these learnings went into architecting Metallic as an Enterprise SaaS solution right from the beginning. That’s exactly where our unique SaaS Plus flexibility was born. The concept is alarmingly simple: with Metallic, customers can backup their on-prem workloads to on-prem storage, AWS workloads to AWS storage, and Azure workloads to Azure storage, all without compromising the simplicity of SaaS. Sounds intriguing,  and at the same time, extremely logical, right? We thought so too, yet we noticed other vendors weren’t offering this kind of choice.

SaaS Plus means that companies using Metallic to protect their hybrid cloud workloads – such as VMs, containers, databases, files and objects – enjoy options no other vendor provides to efficiently manage their data across environments. Customers can leverage their own existing on premises storage – and we have a long list to choose from – to keep their backups onsite for rapid local recovery. Additionally, they can store secondary copies in Metallic Cloud Storage, or they can leverage their existing cloud storage. And now – we’re extending our SaaS Plus capabilities with our very own edge appliance offering: Commvault HyperScale X for Metallic.

HyperScale™ X for Metallic

Last year, we introduced Commvault HyperScale X as our fully integrated, scale-out secondary storage solution. We are now extending HyperScale X to also function as an edge appliance for Metallic, storing local backup copies of Metallic-protected on-prem workloads. Beginning in March 2021, our customers can enjoy a connected end-to-end solution from Commvault, delivering the simplicity of SaaS data protection without compromising the speed of local recovery.

HyperScale X is powered by our very own Hedvig Distributed File System technology and is delivered as a scale-out solution – customers can start small and add nodes as the data needs grow. For added flexibility, we make HyperScale X as a fully integrated appliance as well as software that can be used with our customers’ choice of servers – and we have a long list of validated reference architectures with all popular server platforms. The addition of HyperScale X for Metallic is a great example of the power of Commvault and Metallic solutions working seamlessly together to help customers solve some of their toughest data protection challenges.

Enterprise SaaS data protection … simplified

Metallic is the only future-proofed solution for your hybrid cloud journey, protecting on-prem and cloud workloads through a single cloud-delivered solution. This is a win-win approach for customers who want a SaaS-delivered solution that can work with both on-prem and cloud workloads, helping them backup and restore close to the data source—and even to use your existing storage resources if you choose.

No other BaaS solution out there offers this level of storage flexibility – another way Metallic is defining  the gold standard in BaaS for cloud and on-prem workloads alike. BaaS isn’t just a point solution, for endpoints or cloud workloads anymore. With Metallic, it’s BaaS for all the hybrid cloud workloads. But don’t take my word for it, take Metallic for a free test drive at


  1. Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 2020