Get Your Data Virtualization Fix At Commvault GO 2018

By Hope D’Amore

Data virtualization is growing in importance in today’s organizations and in the Commvault GO agenda. Learn more about the efficiencies and cost savings that can come with data virtualization – and the fast flexibility of virtual machine backup and recovery with Commvault.

At Commvault GO 2018, you can learn how Commvault software can help you protect, monitor and manage your virtual machines and backup on-premises, in the public or private cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Seamlessly extend data with virtual environments                

Here are some key sessions at Commvault GO 2018 that will expand your understanding of virtual machine backup and recovery.

  1. Simplifying Backup and Recovery Across VMware Hybrid Cloud
    VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have joined forces to provide a hybrid cloud service called VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS for short). Learn how to extend the capabilities of your existing Commvault platform into the VMWare hybrid cloud.
  2. The Commvault Roadmap: Virtualization and Cloud
    Get a sneak peek at the Commvault development road map for cloud and virtualization initiatives. See what’s ahead for both cloud and on-premises hypervisors and see what’s new. Discover how you can influence future product road maps.
  3. A to Z with Hyper-V: Commvault and Microsoft Hyper-V
    Learn how you can automatically protect, recover and manage your Microsoft Hyper-V environment using Commvault software. Discover best practices and deployment options for Hyper-V backup and recovery, preview the Commvault road map around Hyper-V, and learn how you can influence future road maps.
  4. Best Practices for Commvault and VMware
    Commvault Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for VMware provides IntelliSnap backups, which enable you to create point-in-time snapshots of virtual machine data. Identify key uses case and learn tips that can help you maximize the performance of your VMware backup and recovery strategy.
  5. A to Z with Google Cloud: Commvault Virtualization to the Google Cloud
    Discover how to seamlessly extend your virtual environment to the Google Cloud Platform through backup, recovery and disaster recovery. Understand the variety of deployment options available, and learn current best practices related to Google Cloud. You’ll get a first look at the Commvault road map for Google Cloud and learn how you can help to influence future road maps.

Uncover the potential of data virtualization at Commvault GO 2018

For more on these virtualization backup and recovery sessions, plus details of other exciting sessions, as well as opportunities for advanced training. We look forward to seeing you there!