Global Expansion of Metallic BaaS Continues in Nine New EMEA Countries

By Thad Keating

The agility and innovation at the center of our Metallic portfolio has been critical especially because you – our customers and partners – needed to rethink how you view your IT world. Metallic was new on the scene and just six months old when COVID hit and kicked our innovation engine into overdrive, creating new ways to use our SaaS-delivered data protection solutions to help our customers.

At the same time, we accelerated the availability of our Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions internationally to help customers struggling to manage the rapid, COVID-induced shift to remote work. While we launched initially only in the US, we quickly expanded to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and ten countries in Europe. Just today we debuted a slew of new BaaS solutions in the next evolution of our Hybrid Cloud portfolio. Suffice it to say, it’s been a busy 16 months.

Based on the growing needs from customers looking to protect critical data with a SaaS solution, 2021 is going to be even busier and it all starts today. In addition to today’s product news, I’m happy to announce that – just a few months since we began our European adventure – Metallic is now available in 9 additional EMEA countries, with new additions Austria, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and Switzerland. This means that today Metallic is now available in 23 countries and growing.

Europe is a focus for Metallic and for good reason. Cloud adoption by customers in EMEA continues unabated as does the growth in adoption of SaaS solutions like Microsoft 365. And we know that EU countries maintain strict standards for data privacy, compliance, and governance, which differ even across member countries. Metallic helps ease those concerns by helping customers ensure compliance with privacy laws like GDPR. In addition, through our engineering collaboration with Microsoft, Metallic is also able to integrate Microsoft Azure’s secure and compliant platform offerings and tools that help to address GDPR compliance at a foundational level.  

For the companies who want the benefits of SaaS, like no-hassle deployment, easy management, zero maintenance, zero CAPEX, etc., many have had to sacrifice speedy recovery or the flexibility to choose their storage target for hybrid cloud data sources. They may have even passed on SaaS data protection given requirements to keep their data on-premises. Metallic eliminates those concerns.

Metallic’s SaaS Plus capabilities allow customers to back up to the cloud, on-premises storage, a Commvault HyperScale X fully integrated solution, or all of the above. No more lengthy recovery times for on-premises data. You can easily keep a local copy while sending a secondary copy to the cloud. You can simplify on-premises storage with an integrated appliance and single-vendor management of backup and on-premises storage infrastructure. The best part is that it’s all available through a single cloud-delivered data protection solution with Metallic.

We’ll be there and ahead of the innovation curve as your cloud strategies evolve, making sure Metallic data protection is ready and available to seamlessly keep your data safe and recoverable, regardless of workload or where you are in the world. This is what a real future-proof data backup solution looks like.

When you pair unmatched flexibility with breadth of enterprise workload support and rapid pace of innovation, what do you get? The gold standard in BaaS. You get Metallic.