Happy World Backup Day!

By Don Foster

Though you might not see Hallmark cards just yet (we’re working on it) –  I’d like to start by thinking 12 months back to March 31, 2020. 

COVID-19 was spreading fast across the world and businesses were moving at unbelievable speed to adapt and frankly, just survive.  Incredible IT teams enabled wholesale moves to remote working, quickly investing in on-premises and cloud infrastructure, and leveraging software to ensure businesses kept running.    

So, first thing to do on World Backup Day is to celebrate your IT team.  Go on – send that thank you email/ IM/ right now. They deserve it.  

Done? Great.  Let’s turn our attention to 2021, and how the way you manage and protect data is critical in not only helping you survive but thrive.

We have witnessed first-hand how technology is transforming business. As Satya Nadella said during his recent Microsoft Ignite keynote: “There’s no going back.”  He is completely right, but it might be time to take a (very) quick breath. 

How can companies continue to innovate and embrace technology at pace – but in a way that doesn’t increase business risk and add additional complexity/ data sprawl?  Data is ever growing in volume with different workloads. Moving to the cloud also means a different, shared responsibility model for your data.   

We are seeing some clear trends emerge:

  • Implementing new SaaS applications to compete more effectively increases the data footprint.  Gartner estimates that the SaaS market will continue to grow in 2021 to $120.9 billion.
  • 9 out of 10 organizations have a multi-cloud strategy.  In their recent “2021 State of the Cloud” report, Flexatara reported that 90% of respondents confirmed cloud usage is higher than planned over the past year, with a third noting its significantly higher.
  • Containerized applications are increasing at pace – Gartner says 85% of global enterprises will be running containerized apps in production by 2025.
  • Ransomware events are rising fast – up 40% this past fall – and continue to get more sophisticated.  In fact, Cybersecurity experts predict there will be a cyberattack incident every 11 seconds in 2021.
  • And a consistent theme – it’s hard to find people with the necessary IT skills – especially around cyber security.

What businesses need now more than ever is data readiness. The challenges we foresee for tomorrow are solvable today: proper protection of all data on premises, in the cloud, at the edge or in between, the challenge of ensuring data is secure and recoverable in case of disaster is critical. Data readiness is more than a state of being; it’s having the right technology and a simplified platform to protect and manage workloads.

Companies can’t achieve data readiness with a single solution—it’s different for every organization, and needs may vary based on how IT is shaping itself to work with the business. For example, our customers can solve this both with managed software and our converged HyperScale X appliance, and with Metallic BaaS. It’s really a customer focused approach, and only a company with a broad portfolio of integrated solutions can deliver.  

For an in-depth conversation with industry experts, please join myself, David Ngo, Microsoft and Chris Evans for a webinar to see how Commvault is helping our customers be future ready every day: https://www.commvault.com/webinars/outpace-change-with-cloud-data-management

So today, on World Backup Day 2021, we are urging companies not to wait.  Act now.  Seize the Data!