How Innovation Leads To Investment Protection

By Phil Wandrei

I recently had an “A-Ha!” moment during a customer meeting. The customer, a national fitness company, changed my view of Commvault’s depth and breadth of integration. I had always thought our industry-leading integration capabilities provided support for diverse environments. However, the customer viewed it as investment protection for their standardized environment. Let me explain. 

One area of Commvault innovation is its depth and breadth of integration with OSs, databases, hypervisors, cloud platforms and storage array snapshot engines;

  • 25-plus storage platforms
  • Hundreds of different hardware array configurations
  • 40-plus cloud storage options

Don’t take my word for it, but talk to our customers or even industry analysts. Gartner called this out in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions:

“Commvault has the most expansive list of supported public cloud providers, hypervisors, big data support and database protection, providing technological liberty for future procurement decisions in other areas of the data center and beyond.”

Our discussion was about their environment and how they used to have a diverse environment in terms of multiple OSs, databases, hypervisors, cloud platforms and storage arrays. Having to integrate and support all of these into a seamless and efficient environment was complex, and staff intensive. The customer shared that they have been on a mission to streamline and consolidate their environment. In fact, their data center has become a ghost town as they have standardized:

  • Virtualization: currently at 95 percent virtualized, and will be at 99 percent later this year
  • Storage platforms: have consolidated down to two different storage platforms – a legacy system and a hyperconverged solution. They will have the legacy system phased out within the next six months
  • Applications: have been streamlined as the organization has gone to “as a service” and cloud model
  • Data center space: downsized the amount of equipment and now has less than one rack of equipment on site

It was apparent they have their environment under control, well managed, and VERY standardized.  They were not using Commvault’s level of integration for supporting a diverse environment; rather they relied on it to support their standardized environment in a time of great change. The director of IT shared that they are faced with several challenges, most notably acquisitions and new applications. The company is aggressively adding 20 percent more locations through acquisition to expand their geography. His second challenge is adding new member services, often delivered through a third party “as a Service” offering. Both of these require IT to protect the data and applications as they bring these new or different systems into the fold. And it has to be done under tight time frames and with minimal resources.   

He believes that with Commvault’s depth and breadth of integration, it supports their acquisitions and initiatives. Commvault’s level of integration and continuous innovation provides them the confidence and investment protection to support whatever new acquisitions or initiatives the business requires. And Commvault provides his team a single solution to manage, protect and use their data wherever it may reside.  

Visit Commvault’s Supported Technologies to learn more about our industry-leading integration, providing investment protection for standardized environments.