Hybrid Cloud Perfection May Be Closer Than You Think

By Bill Byron Concevitch

Thought leaders gather in Atlanta to share insight, offer advice

The Hybrid Cloud Nirvana Executive Summit brought together thought leaders from Commvault, Cisco and Microsoft to share perspective and insight with executives from Atlanta-area companies. The message? Hybrid cloud perfection may be closer than it appears, and IT executives that get there first will gain an advantage that might become insurmountable for competitors.

As one participating executive said, “I realize one of the keys is making sure we can migrate data independent of the underlying infrastructure – and that was certainly a theme here.”

Free the data from the underlying infrastructure

Randy De Meno, Commvault’s Chief Technologist for Microsoft Solutions, began the discussion sharing the importance of decoupling the data from the infrastructure; the cloud becomes just another storage target when Commvault is the data management layer, giving customers the agility needed to move data, use data, gain value from data. When the audience had tough questions about data considered “stuck” in an infrastructure, Randy explained how Commvault can migrate that data regardless of the infrastructure it resides on and get it into Azure – ready for Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) services, the starting point for the competitive advantage mentioned earlier.

Hyperscale effectively mimics cloud characteristics, creates commonality

Jeremy Oakey, Cisco’s Senior Director, Business Development of Cloud Services, encouraged everyone to be thinking like Hyperscalers. He pointed out the importance of breakthrough offerings such as ScaleProtect™ with Cisco UCS®, bringing together Cisco unified computing platform with Commvault HyperScale™ software and stressing the importance of software-defined data management. With this type of platform, you gain cloud characteristics on-premises and begin to have common processes.

The idea of the data center being wherever the data resides truly comes to life – with the same feel to everyday operations and the ability to quickly scale out regardless of being in the cloud, in the data center, anywhere the workloads need to be.

Applications (mis)behaving in a new reality

An afternoon highlight came with Jeremy’s discussion about the behavior of applications – that applications often behave differently in the cloud than they did on-premises – and how to effectively harness this dynamic. One executive said, “Perhaps our hesitation to aggressively move to the cloud is created by the applications acting differently in the cloud. I need to explore this more.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) shares its own insight – and closes the gaps

Microsoft’s Stacey Jones, Data and Artificial Intelligence Architect, wrapped up the thought leader lineup by encouraging us to transform ourselves into citizen data scientists. We’re at the tipping point in AI. When developers and business people integrate AI without needing data science skills, the competitive advantage talked about earlier becomes reality at an accelerated pace. With Microsoft cognitive tools, civilian data

scientists can put AI to work and get within 3 percent of the results a data scientist would achieve. And the analysis might take 10 minutes! As one executive at the Summit said: “Do the math. Sounds like we’re going to encourage civilian data scientists, starting now.”

In the panel discussion that followed, Randy was quick to point out that Commvault sets up the data and prepares it for use in AI tools. With Azure, you can turn the compute power on when you need it, turn it off when you’re done and Cisco will help make sure the applications are optimized.

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