Introducing The #CommvaultGO 2018 Social Media Ambassadors

By Sally Jacobs

We’ve got something new at Commvault GO this year – our Social Media Ambassador Program.

The Commvault GO Social Media Ambassadors are chosen for their savvy and unique perspectives on important topics, issues and challenges concerning data backup and recovery, as well as how modern data management can transform business.

What can you expect to gain out of following these ambassadors?

Each ambassador brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, will report on the important issues within our industry and offer their impressions of Commvault GO as attendees, speakers and influencers.

Leading up to Commvault GO, the social media ambassadors will be sharing their personal industry perspectives to help set the stage via #CommvaultGO hashtag, posts, blogs and the Commvault LinkedIn page.

During the show, these social media aficionados will be tasked with highlighting and curating the key moments/talking points. These capture the essence of the data management industry and how it needs to evolve to meet the new challenges facing organizations today.

After the conference, ambassadors will provide insights, favorite moments and key takeaways from the show. From beginning to end, the Commvault GO Social Media Ambassadors will be a resource in equipping and inspiring the industry to move forward – proactively with purpose. Be sure to inspire our ambassadors by following and engaging them via their professional social networks listed below.

Subscribe to the official Commvault GO Social Media Ambassador Twitter list to keep up to date and engaged.

Chris Powell: @justpowell

Owen Taraniuk: @otaraniuk

Matt Magee: @mmagbee

Michele Buschman: @DolphinPlay70

Brandon Copeland: @BHCopeland

Barry Hubbard: @Barry_Hubbard

Stephen Foskett: @Sfoskett

Kori Younger: @SDNDaughter

Luigi Danakos: @Nerdblurt

Penny Gralewski: @virtualpenny

Matt Tyrer: @MattsStylinHat

Nigel Tozer: @NigelTozer

Damian Andre: @Damian_Andre0

Bill Wohl: @billwohl61

Brittany Lamb: @Brittany_Lamb17

Mary Ellen Cavanagh: @CommvaultMel

Tulin Green: @TulinGreen

Marc Lucas: @lucas300771

James Ash: @JimboCharlieAsh

Carmen Sorice III: @CarmenSorice

Also join the conversation by engaging with #CommvaultGO on Twitter. And if you want to be there in person, there are limited places left – Register for Commvault GO.

See you in Nashville.