Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders

By Martha Delehanty

At Commvault, we believe that investing in our people begins with the next generation of leaders.

Our summer U.S. intern program just concluded, and I have to say, I’m so incredibly proud of the work done by our intern class over the past few months! Our intern program provides students with meaningful work experiences as we empower these aspiring professionals to grow and learn with us at Commvault. Creating connections, inspiring each other, and innovating how we deliver are all core to this program.   

We prioritize collaboration with leadership, mentorship, and networking, providing training and direct experience that enable our interns to expand their professional network and technical skillset. And with our hybrid work environment, we’ve adjusted our program over the last few years to allow for agile models of training with a fully remote program.

Each year, our U.S. intern program concludes with our Intern Project Contest. This is an exciting opportunity for our interns to present a product idea, process improvement, or survey results tied to their field of study, to a panel of our cross-functional leaders. And let me tell you, the innovation we see each year through these projects is truly inspiring! This year, projects ranged from evolving Metallic’s UI automation to improving workflows within marketing automation to standing up a legal pro bono program, and more!

After watching the intern presentations this year, I was reminded of how important it is to have mentors to give us insight into new workplace innovations and perspectives. Our continuous culture of learning allows us to embrace and celebrate the ideas of everyone, at all levels, within our global community!

I want to extend a huge thank you to our U.S. summer intern class of 2022 for all their amazing contributions to Commvault. We continue to always inspire our next generation of leaders and give them an exceptional experience during their time here. These are the minds that will help shape the future for us all!