It’s Not Too Late: Five Data Resolutions For 2020

By Lance Shaw

January brings a clean slate – time to make the resolutions to change your life. So, while you’re in the process of exercising more/eating less/volunteering/decluttering/etc., why not make a few data resolutions as well.

What? You say you don’t have any data resolutions? Well, here are five suggestions:

  • Marie Kondo your data: Just as cleaning your closet can evoke joy, so can cleaning your data. Unstructured data hides in dark places (and possibly under dozens of old sweatpants). So, you need to find it, re-organize it and bring the joy back into your infrastructure. Commvault Activate™ works as hard as Marie Kondo to give you data visibility and organization.
  • Spend Time with your family: I know what you’re thinking – I just spent the past two weeks with my family; doesn’t my data miss me? Of course it does. But data is tricky and demanding.
    You need to control it – and not let data control you. Take inspiration from Matthew Magbee of Sonic Healthcare as he describes (above) how Commvault helped him take back control.
  • Be prepared: Ransomware and natural disasters are a tremendous threat to your data. Are you able to recover your data if attacked? If not, then get prepared and back up your data so it’s recoverable. The cloud is more than just a pretty puffy white aerosol suspended in the sky. The cloud is a safe place for your data – use it.
  • Talk it out: We all get frustrated when our data doesn’t cooperate. If you’re experiencing nagging issues, remember there is a Commvault expert ready and waiting to provide you with the help you need.
    Yes, data therapy dogs don’t exist, but luckily Commvault does! A perfect opportunity is to register for our upcoming Commvault Virtual Connections event where you can gain access to exclusive content and our experts so you can find the right solution for you and your business.
  • Try something new: January is all about fresh starts and making changes. If you are a Commvault customer, you have SP18 coming in February. If you are not (yet), use our guide to check and see what your data protection software is doing — and what you need it to do. As we know, the best decisions come from data.

If you resolve to change your data habits for the better, you can look forward to a more prosperous and organized year. (You can thank me later for not referencing 20/20 vision in 2020).