Just Like UConn Health, Commvault Customers Never Get Tired Of Winning

By Chris Powell

Anyone who follows NCAA basketball knows the University of Connecticut Huskies women’s program owns the two longest winning streaks (men’s or women’s) in college basketball history. Its women’s basketball team has won a record 11 NCAA Division I National Championships – four of which were in a row, from 2013 to 2016.

So as our customer reference team rolls out a program to highlight the success our customers have achieved with Commvault and our partners, it seems ironic and fitting that the first off the bench – with a win worthy of its pedigree – is the University of Connecticut’s own academic medical research center: UConn Health

UConn Health uses Commvault in Microsoft Azure Cloud to decrease its data center footprint and gain flexibility for data migration (from on-premises to cloud hosted resources.)  There is nothing louder than the voice of a customer, and we know it’s a voice worth hearing (and sharing). So here’s a big thank you and shout out (pun intended) to UConn Health’s AVP of Enterprise IT Systems, Mike Catrini, for sharing his Commvault experience.

Throughout the rest of the year, we look forward to sharing more of these videos to spotlight how leading companies, of all sizes and industries, team up (sorry) with Commvault and our partners to think differently – changing the way they approach the management of an increasingly critical asset: data.