Learn How To Manage Data Differently At Commvault GO

By Michele Buschman

As Commvault GO quickly approaches, I’ve been thinking about what I would like to discuss with other Commvault customers during our panel on Thursday morning of the conference. Specifically, I have been thinking about what insights I could offer on how to “do data management differently,” so that data is a key contributor, and not an inhibitor, to an organization’s success.

One insight I can provide from having led America Pacific Mortgage’s (AMP) digital transformation efforts is that you shouldn’t restrict these efforts to just one segment of your business. For example, we have rolled out a new business intelligence reporting tool for branch managers that visualizes mortgage loan officers’ performance, helping improve our branches productivity, but we didn’t stop there. We’re also deploying a new digital workplace that simplifies communications for our highly distributed workforce, making it easier for them to find and access content ranging from mortgage program guidelines, to benefit information and to videos from our senior leadership. We are also working to improve the experience we deliver to our customers by digitizing all aspects of our mortgage application process, so our customers can apply for and get approved for a mortgage that much quicker. Digital transformation is not just about improving operations, employee efficiency, or the customer experience – it’s about looking at all the ways in which you can use your data differently to gain a competitive advantage.

I would also urge my fellow GO attendees to build strong partnerships with the “squeaky wheels” in their company in these efforts. Yes, it can be difficult when you are juggling a dozen different projects to take time to hear a business line manager complain about their problems with a new tool, or listen to their idea for a new digital transformation project. But in my experience these squeaky wheels deliver you a real-world perspective on how your company uses data to generate value on a day-to-day basis. They will alert you to data management problems you might have missed that need to be fixed, and also provide you with great ideas on new ways to manage and activate your data.  

I can’t wait to discuss these and other topics related to managing data differently at Commvault GO. See you in Nashville, Tenn.!

Michele Buschman is VP, Information Services, for American Pacific Mortgage.