Let’s Assume That Your Data Is Going To Get Stolen

By Commvault

Last week another massive corporate data breach was announced. One of the largest ever. This time it was Equifax.

Although this example might demonstrate the impact of personal data loss, it does highlight how important it is for corporations to protect and secure their data. As data professionals, we have a responsibility for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate data. Let’s assume that we and our peers are all working to the best of our abilities and with the best intentions. My position is that no business should assume that a data breach won’t happen to them. Assume that it will. And like a good boy scout, let’s be prepared!

Data protection: keeping information confidential

The conversation needs to be about encryption of data at rest. Because that’s the secret to keeping our data confidential, even if somebody snags a copy of it.

Of course we can – and should – always make best efforts to protect ourselves. And this includes the usual best practices around firewalls, antivirus, anti-phishing, edge protection, data protection and following good common sense about not opening strange attachments and clicking on bad links.

Even after all of those steps, sometimes the bad guys will still manage to slip in.

So now what? They got you.

Let’s make sure that what they’ve actually got can’t be used for anything.

Real world data protection needs data encryption

I’m talking about encryption of secondary data at rest, combined with centralized access controls to that data and the accompanying encryption keys. Simply put, making sure that only the right person can get access to the data AND be able to actually read it.

Encryption is a way of making data unreadable. It scrambles data into unreadable patterns of gibberish, and without a special key to unscramble the data and put it back in proper place renders the data useless to somebody who steals it.

If the data sitting on your file systems, whether it is in your physical data center or in the cloud, is encrypted, then even if the bad guys do manage to slip in, they won’t be able to read your data and do anything with it. Personal and corporate secrets stay that way.

Safeguard with data protection from a single, comprehensive platform

This is where a good data management suite like Commvault can come into play. If the burden around managing encryption is removed from the end user, and data can be accessed with the same speed and convenience that it would under a normal clear text circumstance, then we have don’t have to fear what happens when the inevitable breach occurs and our data gets exposed.

As experts in data protection, archive and mobility, Commvault helps companies navigate these kinds of challenges every day. Our global customer base include finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, government and defense companies that all require different levels of security and encryption for different types of data. By using an advanced rules based policy engine and automating encryption for data both at rest and in flight, Commvault ensures data confidentiality for our customers wherever their data is stored.