Looking for the missing catalyst to accelerate your digital transformation? Look to Azure and Commvault.

By Bill Byron Concevitch

The best advice I remember from the height of the pandemic while everyone was scrambling to move to the new normal of remote work was: “As you continue to look for ways to accelerate your digital transformation to keep pace with the new rate of change, don’t forget to transform your data protection at the same time.“

This recommendation is a powerful one: Make sure that modernizing your data protection is not an afterthought. Here’s some insight on how you can accelerate your digital transformation—utilizing Azure and Commvault as a catalyst to efficiently manage your data—illustrated through customers’ sharing their stories.

Modernization can help you avoid costly capital expenditures

While many organizations have scrambled to make rapid changes in the face of the pandemic and the new demands it creates, cutting costs is paramount—yet service expectations are up. How do you solve both aspects of this challenging equation? The example of UConn Health illustrates the approach to take. As Michael Cantini, former Assistant VP at UConn Health shared, “Instead of building a $20M secondary data center, we decided to use more hosted services. With its ability to protect data across multiple locations and multiple platforms, Commvault has been key to enabling this change.” Commvault’s deep integration with Azure ensures that protecting data across the cloud is as simple and seamless as protecting data with an on-prem solution. Plus, it has added benefits of predictable expenditures while moving to usage-based models that significantly reduce costs.

A single solution that covers all of your workloads—from on-prem to cloud to SaaS

Workloads are everywhere today: On-prem, hybrid cloud, public cloud—plus a proliferation of SaaS applications and data. When Shikun and Binui faced an environment with data everywhere and costs spiraling beyond control, they needed a way to protect all their data with a single solution, regardless of where the data lives today or tomorrow. “We are moving our entire environment to the cloud,” explains Eran Gutman, CIO of Shikun and Binui. “With Commvault, from day one we completely backed up all the cloud environment that includes Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and all of the SaaS applications—all of this in one management control.” From a tape replacement project to securing and protecting all their SaaS applications from ransomware and other malicious attacks, Commvault makes sure it’s managed most effectively and protected from malicious threats.

Azure and Commvault handle your mission critical workloads with ease—and confidence

True digital transformation takes place when you can transform even your most mission critical workloads, finding ways to improve their security and maximize their business impact through useability and mine-ability, as one customer so aptly described their end goal. Emirates Steel accomplished this and more by turning to Commvault and Azure. As Mohammed Azam, IT Infrastructure Head, describes it: “Emirates Steel’s digitalization efforts include moving its SAP sales, manufacturing, finance and CRM modules to the cloud. Commvault gives us confidence that we can recover rapidly from any scenario, including potential ransomware attacks.” Emirates Steel was the first major organization in their country to move mission critical workloads to Azure, a testament to the confidence instilled by the combined solution of Azure and Commvault. 

Commvault transforms itself to help you in your transformation

In his blog and observations on the industry, Chris Evans, the well-respected industry watcher commented, “Commvault has effectively disrupted itself, without challenging the existing business. Data protection is a long game. Customers keep data for decades, and many legacy data protection solutions still exist simply to allow the restore of archived backups… as Metallic is based on Commvault technology, it will be relatively easy to import historical backups from existing Commvault deployments into the Metallic platform.” This is a powerful statement on how Commvault has successfully introduced Metallic, which is Commvault award-winning and proven Intelligent Data Services technology deployed as SaaS.

Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of success?

We can help you craft your success story with Azure as the catalyst, leveraging our 20+ years of delivering engineered solutions and innovation to offer a framework designed to effectively store, manage, protect, index and use your data to accelerate your digital transformation. You can gain access to everything you need to get started here.

As we do every year, we’re featuring all of the powerful ways you can leverage the combined Microsoft + Commvault solutions at Microsoft Ignite, November 2-4. You can view our on-demand session here starting November 2nd at 12PM ET.

To learn more and to be become the next success story we share, email us at microsoft@commvault.com and visit www.microsoft.com/commvault. If you’d like read all the details about the three organizations we talked about in this blog, here are links to the in-depth stories of UConn Heath, Shikun and Binui, and Emirates Steel.