Metallic Is A GO! We’re More Than Ready To Deliver SaaS

By Rob Kaloustian

Today’s the day. The day I get to unveil our stealth project conceived and incubated within Commvault. Today we pull back the curtain on Metallic, a new Commvault venture. Metallic operates as a division of Commvault, and together, we’re thrilled to bring you our powerful, enterprise-grade backup and recovery technology through simple SaaS delivery, with a solution that revolves around the customer.

Because no one matters more.

Created as a startup within an established company, the Metallic team was given a mandate to recreate a fit-for-purpose product and experience from the ground up, while leveraging Commvault’s powerful core technology. In six months’ time we’ve created an entirely new experience and today, at Commvault GO, our annual customer conference here in Denver, Metallic has delivered a new portfolio of backup services run in the cloud while still giving customers the flexibility to choose their own storage. This could be their own AWS or Azure storage or keeping a copy on an on-premises server for the fastest recovery option.

The Metallic team is made up of people from across functions who share one goal: building the best customer and partner experience in the industry. Sure, those with a singular passion for backup and recovery may represent a pretty small subset of the world’s population, but we fly that flag proudly. We’re proud of our technology (because it’s really, really good) and we’re excited to solve your data protection headaches – because we understand how urgent they are.

We’ve been working with – and listening to – our partners and customers in order to deliver this channel-led portfolio. Our go-to-market strategy and free trial offering have been purposefully designed to let customers try the product without us getting in the way. Metallic is sold through our partners so that they can facilitate consultative conversations that allow them to bring value and expertise to our mutual customers.

Our customers, partners and the industry have challenged us to rethink how we do things. We’ve risen to that challenge and married the best of SaaS and the best of backup. There are no two ways about it. This is the new Commvault.

You can find out more about our new SaaS solutions and today’s news on our new website,

I could go on, but for now I’ll let our partners, customers and industry analyst tell you what they think of Metallic.

451 Research

“The continued evolution of traditional on-premise applications and storage to the hybrid cloud has increased the complexity of managing and protecting data, especially for small and midmarket companies,” said Steven Hill, Senior Analyst, Applied Infrastructure and Storage Technologies, 451 Research. “Next generation data protection technologies like Metallic offer the cloud-savvy approach to hybrid IT required to navigate and manage data using an optimal mix of on-premise and hybrid cloud capabilities; as well as help to reduce the complexity of protecting the next wave of hybrid infrastructure.”

AP Mortgage

“Metallic is very easy to use. Configuring data protection for physical and virtual servers both on-premises and in the cloud is super simple and anyone will find the interface easy to understand,” said Chris Shearer, AP Mortgage. “SaaS solutions can definitely reduce manual effort, and since it’s based on Commvault, users can be confident that backups will continue to perform, and the flexibility and scale means it’s a solution for the long term.”


“There is an unmistakable need for data protection solutions that will scale seamlessly, eliminating the need for disruptive forklift upgrades or changes in infrastructure platforms,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC. “Metallic data protection extends to both on-premises and cloud workloads. For many organizations, this will equate to simpler data protection operations with less downtime and seamless scaling.”

Ingram Micro

“Our partnership with Commvault to offer Metallic immediately expands our cloud-based data protection offerings, and allows us to offer a more comprehensive set of services to our reseller and customer ecosystem around backing up VMs, O365 instances, and endpoints,” said Tim FitzGerald, Vice President, North America Cloud, Ingram Micro. “Metallic is easy to try, buy and manage with no big upfront investment, and the fact that it’s built on Commvault technology means we can be confident in offering a solution with secure backups and fast, recovery that protects against data loss.”

Innovative Systems

“We needed a solution powerful enough to grow with my business and simple enough for our team to use effectively. It also needs to be secure and reliable,” said Doug Beck, Innovative Systems. “With Metallic you don’t have to worry about infrastructure or about space, and we know our servers are protected. The fact that the technology is backed by Metallic gives us peace of mind and takes the headache out of managing backup and recovery.”

Storage Switzerland

“Organizations are looking to Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution to reduce backup infrastructure complexity and costs. The problem is many current solutions lack the necessary platform coverage and features required for adoption by larger businesses. They also limit those organization’s flexibility in where and how data is stored. Metallic, built on a Commvault foundation, provides complete coverage, robust features, and unprecedented flexibility while still delivering on the BaaS promise of smoother operations and more predictable costs,” said George Crump, Founder and Lead Analyst, Storage Switzerland.