National App Day: The App (On The Enterprise) You Can’t Live Without

By Chris Powell

Dec. 11 (today!) is National App Day. The App – short for Software Application – has infiltrated our daily lives in ways no one would have expected when Apple introduced OS 2.0 in 2008. Ten years ago, there were approximately 500 apps and allowed third-party app generation. Today? More than two million apps can be found on both Apple and Android platforms…and more are being developed every day. Apps have changed how we live – they have generated billions of dollars in revenue and created new companies and jobs.

Today, we can hold our mobile devices high in the air and celebrate apps in all their glory. National App Day calls you to post your favorite app on social media and explain its life-altering benefit it brings to your life (#NationalAppDay).

But what about the apps that aren’t on mobile devices? Where’s the love for them today?

Let’s give some equal time to the great apps that are housed on networks. These are equally creative, innovative and life-altering as Waze, Google Maps, Netflix – or any other app you have on your phone. After all – Waze alone has saved me countless hours (not sitting in traffic) and a possibly quite a lot of money (police reported ahead.)

So on National App Day, with all due respect for Waze, here’s my shout-out to the app I can’t live without that happens to be on an enterprise platform: Commvault Activate.

Commvault Activate addresses one of the most pressing dilemmas CIOs face: knowing what data they have across the enterprise. Its powerful indexing, metadata analysis and visualization reporting capabilities provide enterprises with deeper and broader discover, profiling and mapping of data – whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, stored virtually or on mobile devices. The knowledge gained from this data discovery can then be used to drive business outcomes.  In addition, the Commvault Activate for Sensitive Data application provides enterprises with insights into their data to ensure data storage complies with data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Commvault is applying modern innovative technology to offer solutions that not only automate routine tasks, but also intelligently act to help customers recover, manage and use their data for optimal outcomes, empowering customers to picture new possibilities and achieve remarkable results. By combining developments in AI and ML with innovative cloud automation and data activation technologies, Commvault is changing what enterprises can expect from data protection software. Solutions like Commvault Activate deliver insights on how to optimize storage and reduce compliance and other data risks across the enterprise … and that’s an app that deserves some respect.

Happy #NationalAppDay!