Need A Boost Of Confidence In Migrating Your SAP Hana Workloads To Azure? Gain It By Adding Commvault To The Equation

By Bill Byron Concevitch

There’s no doubt momentum is building in the move to take mission critical workloads and applications – like SAP HANA – to the cloud, and specifically to Azure. It was a hot topic at Microsoft Ignite, and there are good reasons why. The move to Azure provides the scalability, economics and flexibility enterprises demand in order to meet ever more stringent demands when it comes to SLAs. Azure’s M-Series VM offering for SAP HANA provides the right platform – now the search is on for the right migration and protection solution.

The SAP HANA to Azure Accelerator: Commvault

Microsoft and Commvault have once again teamed up in a high-demand area to deliver an industry-leading solution that meets and exceeds requirements for SAP data management, including data protection and data recovery. Commvault can leverage either snapshots or backup copies for migration. It can move on-premises workloads to Azure by doing parallel data transfer into cloud. Commvault can also setup Hana Disaster Recovery destinations in Azure.

Your high speed (and safest) highway to SAP HANA on Azure

Not only does the Commvault solution get your SAP HANA workloads to the cloud faster, it also ensures that you have the industry-leading backup and recovery protecting these workloads once they are in Azure. And that’s the peace of mind you need for your most critical data. Note that the solution achieves well above 2TB/hour data transfer speeds in Azure in our testing* while at the same time improving overall efficiencies and lowering costs; you begin to see the power of the combined solution.

Need the detailed road map? It’s about to be released

To streamline your path for SAP HANA to Azure, our experts are putting the finishing touches on the comprehensive whitepaper that provides the road map and details on:

  • How to meet the RTO SLA of a critical SAP S/4HANA system when it’s running in Azure
  • How to protect and refresh SAP test and development instances in Azure
  • Leveraging the right Azure storage for storing backup data
  • Azure instance types required to run data protection

The whitepaper, “Backup and Recovery for SAP HANA,” also compares your different options for data protection and migration to help you understand the best options for your initiative. Watch our blog space – we will announce its availability right here. In the meantime, learn more about Commvault’s alliances with SAP and Microsoft.

To learn more about how Commvault solutions can simplify the way you protect and manage all your data, there are still limited spots available at Commvault GO, our annual user conference. It’s filled with technical insights, best practices and new ideas on how to have the most complete backup and recovery system available working for you.  Be sure to check out the breakout session, “So, You’ve Decided To Migrate Some Workloads To the Microsoft Cloud… Now What?”

We hope to see you there!

*Actual results may vary.