Need sound advice as you continue your cloud journey?

Join experts who can help with answers in the ‘Thought Leadership for the Cloud Journey’ series.

By Bill Byron Concevitch

About a year ago, we held the first “Hybrid Cloud Nirvana Summit” in Atlanta. A capacity crowd participated in the event, gaining valuable insight from Microsoft, Commvault and other recognized industry thought leaders. Based on demand following the event, plans were put in motion to hold these summits around the country this spring. COVID-19 changed things, and we have altered the plan – but not the intent – accordingly. What hasn’t changed is the growing need for sound advice on where to go next in your cloud journey. 

Based on this, we’ve launched the virtual session series, “Thought Leadership for the Cloud Journey.” The series features experts from Microsoft, HPE and Commvault sharing their practical advice from working with thousands of customers to create the journey to the perfect hybrid cloud.

Next up

The next session in the series, “How to build the perfect hybrid cloud: Optimizing & transforming data management,” will run on Aug. 26, and features:

  • Saurabh Sensharma, Senior Program Manager, Azure Storage Team, Microsoft
  • Phil Sailer, Senior Director, SimpliVity Technology, HPE
  • Randy De Meno, Chief Technologist, Microsoft Products & Partnership, Commvault

What the audience will find extremely valuable is the intersection of thought leadership that takes place in these sessions. It’s the intersection of what we are all dealing with today: How do we converge on-premises with virtual and cloud while protecting it all to build the perfect cloud to meet the needs of the business? What is proven to work and what has experience taught us to this point? This is what our panel of experts will share in this session. Be sure to register.

‘Five Insights on Data Protection in the Hybrid Cloud’ available on demand

In case you missed it, we started the series last month with the session, “Five Insights on Data Protection in the Hybrid Cloud,” which features a panel of experts discussing how to design an effective data protection strategy in the world of hybrid cloud, including Futurum principal analyst Daniel Newman.

Sept. 30: ‘Protecting Your Data in a Distributed, Hybrid Cloud World

The series continues in September, again featuring experts from Microsoft, HPE and Commvault, with a focus on exploring the realities of data on the edge, ROBO and more – and how to protect your data no matter where it lives – and to ensure it is recoverable when and where you need it.

We’ll update you with another blog after the Aug. 26 webinar, with insight on what was shared, along with more on what to expect in the September session. In the meantime, reach out with any comments to me at

Bill Byron Concevitch is a Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for Commvault.