New Features In Azure Driving The Digital Transformation To The Cloud

By Randy De Meno

I always look forward to the hectic week known as “Ignite,” formerly called “TechEd.” It’s a week where we can discuss the latest technological trends with some of the brightest technical people in the industry. I expect this year will be no different as Cloud and Azure will be the main topics.

Stop by Commvault booth No. 635 and let us share our experiences with Azure, not the least of which is being the first Windows/ISV to be Azure certified. Which mean the entire Commvault Data Platform can run just as efficiently in Azure/Compute as it can on-premises.

With Commvault using Microsoft Azure internally and Microsoft using Commvault internally, we’ve been able to utilize this ‘Joint Usage of Technology’ to enable best practices for our customers. Commvault’s use of Azure continuously pushes the newest features of Azure storage and Azure compute. Microsoft’s vast usage of Commvault in places like Xbox, Office Products and the Azure Data Protection Group has enabled us to push scaling to new limits. Want to talk about moving 40-50PB of data per month to Azure?  We’re ready to have that discussion now based on hands-on experience.

At Ignite, we will discuss some of the new Azure features we’re working on with Microsoft customers during ‘Customer Preview.’

New features, such as the extremely cost effective Azure Archive Blob Storage, enable a huge cost savings for those customers with long retention and compliance requirements.

Another feature in ‘Preview’ is “Azure Data Box,” which enables a cost-effective way to ‘seed’ larger amounts of data to Azure by loading the data locally in your own data center and shipping it to an Azure data center for ingestion. It should surprise no one that the new “Azure Data Box” can be seen as a Commvault media agent, a target, or both.

Last, but certainly not least, is the new “Azure in a Box,” private cloud option known as “Azure Stack.” We’ve been working with the “Azure Stack” team for more than a year, so MSPs, mid-size and large organizations can be confident that the same Commvault Data Platform that has garnered Microsoft’s 2017 ISV Cloud Innovation IMPACT Partner of the Year award can be run seamlessly in Azure Stack as well.

I look forward to seeing you at Ignite! Stop by our booth and say hi. And if you get a chance, stop by the “Resilient, Cost Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery with Azure Blob Storage” (BRK 2265) session at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday in Hyatt Regency Winderere Y, where I’m sure to sneak in a few live Commvault demonstrations with Azure.

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