Partner Xchange Changes The Conversation

By Commvault

Commvault GO 2018 included a new element – our first Partner Xchange Day.  More than 300 attendees representing 117 partners joined us in Nashville to have a two-way conversation about how Commvault is transforming into a partner-centric organization.

In a highlight for many, Bob Hammer and Al Bunte shared their insights on Commvault’s transformation during an informal fireside chat. Bob explained how you can’t become a partner-centric company unless you invest in partner resources. To that end, we have increased the number of channel people, processes and programs – resulting in a massive shift in investment and support.  We recruited a new leadership team filled with channel know-how and levels of expertise to support our partners. Finally, they talked about Commvault’s evolving efforts and messaging on packaging, pricing and delivery channels – and how partners can continue to expect more from us.

Ron Miiller, SVP of Worldwide Sales, confirmed the changing culture of Commvault’s sales organization, an important topic for everyone in the room. While the sales journey is complex, it starts with listening to partners, understanding every unique business model and figuring out how to partner in the most effective way. By adding headcount and redirecting parts of the sales engine to partner revenue streams, the sales team will continue to evolve toward our partner first culture.

Getting to Market has Never Been Easier

The session then shifted to Routes to Market strategy, as the partner leadership team explained their specific roles in terms of partner engagement and support.

  • Scott Strubel, VP Worldwide Channels 
    The sales team is dedicating efforts to deliver more leads to partners in the next year than in the history of the company.  In turn, partners need to turn those leads into pipeline revenue.  Scott encouraged partners to access resources such as the Partner Portal and the Channel Wave newsletter.
  • Wenceslao Lada, VP Worldwide Alliances
    The alliances team is concentrating on delivering market transactions, value solutions and go-to-market alignment with partners.  Wenceslao urged partners to use Commvault solutions to address customer requirements to optimize resources and be faster to market.  Together we can show a powerful ecosystem that will capture more business in the marketplace.
  • Carmen Sorice III, VP Worldwide Route Services
    Partner Growth Services is the machine to enable partner growth: it strikes the balance between automated self service capabilities and maniacal support. This team will deliver powerful simplicity – with a killer portfolio of enablement, demand generation and win rates you can sell to your customers.
  • Natalie Mead, VP Worldwide Alliance Architecture Group
    According to Natalie, every superhero needs a sidekick, and the Technical Services team is it. Technical Services engineers support global alliances, solution providers, global system integrators, service providers and build joint architecture with development, CTO, Solution groups, marketing and enablement.  Natalie wowed the crowd with her Quote Tool demonstration that showed the ease of use of this new partner resource.

Partnerships Begin and End with Great People

This year, Commvault moved to a model where we have aligned significant resources to partner support.  This partner-driven model wasn’t in our DNA, but we knew that to support our partners; we had to change our philosophy.  We looked for great leaders who understand this market on a global and regional level.  We changed the way we are doing business.  This isn’t a one-off change – it’s a long-term engagement to grow our partnership ecosystem to create sizable deals.  In the words of Al Bunte: “It has to be a partnership; it has to work from both of us.  You expect more from us; we expect you to sell.”

Let’s keep the conversation going.