Protect The Data Citadel!

By Lance Shaw

Everywhere you turn, you hear about how important data is to your business. No one knows your business as well as you do – and what you do with that data to keep things running smoothly.  No matter the industry you are in, information that is quickly available while being properly managed and governed is one thing you cannot do without.

But how well is that data protected from invading hordes, malevolent infestations, evil doers and the random village idiot? In the world we live in today, you must be ready to quickly respond and immediately recover, no matter what might happen.

Earlier this week I was excited to co-present a webinar on this very topic with a renowned expert in the field, Joseph Steinberg. Joseph is one of the best-read columnists in the cybersecurity field with millions of readers as a regular columnist for Forbes and Inc. magazines. He serves as an expert witness and consultant on matters related to information security and emerging technologies. He has also advised businesses and the U.S. government on such issues.

Our webinar covered several important topic, including:

  • Ransomware: The best offense is a good defense
  • Self-service recovery strategies for mobile workers
  • Strategies for safeguarding the organization against disaster
  • The right way to use the Cloud as a backup/recovery resource

This informative and hopefully enlightening webinar is available on-demand.

Defend your business kingdom. Protect the data citadel!