Quantifying The Value Of Commvault Data Management Software With IDC – Part 1: The Numbers

By Miranda Foster

What if you could reduce your unplanned downtime by more than 60 percent, or cut costs associated with backup by almost half? Well, recently we validated what we already know: Commvault customers are doing this.

Recently, we commissioned independent research firm IDC to conduct a survey across our entire, worldwide customer base to provide independent confirmation of the benefits that Commvault can deliver to customers. More than 650 customers responded across regions, company sizes and verticals. IDC analyzed ALL of those responses—the good, the bad and the ugly to draw conclusions about the business value customers can expect to see from using Commvault.

The results of the survey, detailed in the IDC Whitepaper (and sponsored by Commvault), “Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis,” compare the benefits these customers achieved before, and after, implementing Commvault. IDC analyzed and categorized those results into three categories, consistent with key challenges customers are facing today—simplification, risk reduction and productivity, as described below.

  • Simplification, achieving cost savings by automating, consolidating and more efficiently operating the data management process
  • Risk reduction in terms of reduced downtime, data loss, recovery speed and litigation support
  • Productivity gains, both tactically and strategically

We worked diligently with the industry experts at IDC to ensure its survey is representative of our Global Customer base, and the results accurately show what Commvault customers have, and can, achieve using our software. As Dave Reinsel, Senior Vice President, at IDC says in this video the fact that we gave them comprehensive, access to our worldwide customer is unique. And, the fact that the survey produced 700 respondents, most of which were favorable, allows IDC to conclude that “there’s a good indication of customer satisfaction.”

Specifically, IDC study also found that Commvault has helped customers achieve:

  • Sixty-two percent reduction in annual unplanned downtime
  • Forty-four percent reduction in annual spending on data infrastructure, software, services and compliance
  • Reductions of 15 to 30 percent in data management point solutions.
  • Forty-nine percent improvements in average recovery time for messages, files and VMs, as well as Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint and SQL applications.

Reductions of 50 to 61 percent in annual exposure to compliance failures, audit failures and/or data theft or breach.

We’ll be exploring these numbers in more detail at our upcoming Global Customer Event: Commvault GO, which is taking place in Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 9 – 11. There are plenty of opportunities to meet and network with Commvault customers and partners – and to establish a plan for how you can drive maximum value from your software. Learn more about registration and a full agenda.